Your neck is often pain and stiffness? Try These Tips

Leher Anda sering Nyeri dan Kaku ? Coba Tips Ini
   you often experience pain and stiffness in the neck? This condition generally is often experienced by many people, such as office workers, where almost all activities carried out at the table and dealing with computers, or you are wrong posture during sleep, so that when you wake up there is pain and stiffness in the neck. (Said the old man had still "one cushion")
Neck pain or stiffness is usually due to tension or muscle spasms, caused by poor posture or a minor injury. You suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders if it leans in front of the computer for a long time, or waking up with a stiff neck when sleep restless. The pain can be felt up to the head, shoulders, arms, or upper back and it got worse when turned sideways, upwards or downwards. Pain and stiffness can also be due to injury, arthritis in the spine, or other diseases.

If you are experiencing problems like this, hopefully the following tips may help solve the problem of pain and stiffness in the neck, and usually get better within 2-3 days.

  • Continue activities as usual as far as the pain can be detained. If the pain is bad, you need to rest your neck a day, or two days.
  • Special collar neck can support your neck. Create a collar with rolled hand towels and enter into one celanan tight, then kitari around your neck. Use the collar in just a short time, and do not use the whole night.
  • Do the exercises slowly neck as soon as you can (see practical techniques below)
  • Drinking painkillers or try a gel or cream ibupro * fen
  • To reduce muscle spasms, stand under a warm shower or warm compresses to the back of the neck for 15 minutes for several hours.
  • Use support cushions on the bed. Alternatively, create a neck support cushions by tying a scarf in the middle of the pillow so that the shape of a butterfly. Put your head in the most narrow part.
  • Visit your doctor if, callousness ata pain is getting worse, or the problem does not diminish after 2-3 days.

Exercise practical techniques to reduce the stiffness of the neck

  • Stand erect, or sit on the edge of a chair looking straight ahead. Drop your head to one side, towards your shoulders. Keep your shoulders low.
  • Retain for a few seconds, then straighten your head back. Repeat to the other side in the same way.
  • Repeat the exercise five times each side. About three times a day. Train despite the pain but do not in force.
  • Gradually add the range of movement. Stop immediately, if pain increases or if it starts spreading to the arm or hand.
Hopefully these simple tips reduce the pain and stiffness of the neck can help you overcome the pain that bothered, so you can return to normal activities without interruption.


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