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    Nowadays mobile phones have become the most faithful companions of man, it can be said today there was no one who does not own a cell phone. Mobile phones have transformed from a luxury item that used to be only a few people could afford to have, but now even the children of primary school age was frequently found to carry it everywhere.
    As human companions phones have helped to facilitate communication with the owners of other people. However, despite the friend turns mobile phones also save their own dangers that are not recognized by their owners. Moreover, not infrequently the owners of mobile phones today, when they sleep, the phone is also nearby.
    Cell phones have high radiation that is invisible, it causes a person is unaware of the dangers. According to WHO data, cell phone radiation is carcinogenic that can affect the human nervous system, which can eventually cause cancer or tumors.
    Sleep is the time to recharge, if your sleep is not able to fill your power, then your days will not be maximized. Therefore, in order to minimize the danger of latent phones for the owner, it is better if the habit of sleeping near the phone from now eliminated. Quoted from various sources, here are nine negative impact sleep near the device, including:
  • 1. Can cause brain tumors

    Cell phone radiation can affect the formation of neoplasms of cell regeneration that is not fair. Generally, brain tumors in adults of reproductive age, but some may be found in cases where the tumor can also affect children. Therefore, from this time try not to use the phone too often, let alone get accustomed to sleeping nearby.
  • 2. Can cause cancer

    Almost the same with brain tumors, cell phone radiation can also affect the process of division of cells in the body become uncontrolled, abnormal cells are then invade nearby tissues are routinely come into contact with your phone, such as the skin and ears. Quite often other body such as the stomach can also be exposed to mobile phone radiation causing cancer, because when the owner unconscious sleep is often put under and on top of her body.
  • 3. Burned and explode

    Mass media such as television and newspapers reported a case phones exploded and burned while the owner is asleep so that hurt him. The incident occurred because many times its recharge the cell phone owner and then fell asleep on his side, when the power is full and forgot to pull it out, the phone will be hot and when it comes to short circuit occurs can make it explode on fire.
  • 4. Causing headaches

    Mobile phone radiation for some people who are sensitive to RF waves emitted can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, even to vomit.
  • 5. Cause can not sleep soundly

    Mobile phones can make someone so could not sleep well, either because busy playing games, telephone ria with a boyfriend, was busy replying to a message from a colleague, or read information-information from the internet. Mobile phones can also cause the owner always feel anxious, restless and tense.
  • 6. Heart attack

    In a few cases ever found someone who had a history of heart disease suddenly died instantly when he heard his cell phone ringing in the middle of the night, could be concerned stunned to have a heart attack.
  • 7. Aggravating Alzheimer's

    Alzheimer's disease is not contagious and generally attack someone who is old. However, for those who used to sleep near the device, radiation can accelerate the process of someone having Alzheimer's.
  • 8. Cause fatigue

    Phones that are close to the owner can be made into fitful sleep quality. While you slept, but in fact you are still awake, with marked you still remember some of the things that happen when you are asleep. It can make you experience fatigue when waking up the next morning.
  • 9. Inhibit the body's metabolism

    It is known that when a person actually fall asleep at this time that the body's metabolism is being worked on. Therefore, when a person is exposed to mobile phone radiation or when sleeping so soundly, then the process of metabolism is inhibited, so that the ingestion of food or any process of detoxification of toxins in the body is disrupted.
    Given the many negative impacts sleep near the device, then from now on you each can decide, if you will still sleep near your phone with the risk of experiencing one or more of the effects mentioned above, or if you are going to start him away , so you can go back to sleep soundly and quality, all up to you.


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