Create Your Own Milk Protein You!

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You certainly know that protein is essential nutrients the body needs to build muscle. These nutrients works to improve, maintain, and develop the muscles of the body. There are also many types of protein-containing foods that you can consume. However, you may not be able to meet the daily protein requirement only with ordinary food, Bro.
Well, to be more optimally, you need to supplement fitness others, such as milk proteins. However, if you're bored with the usual protein milk you drink, you can the make your own version of whey protein shake! How?
Step 1
Pour 1 scoop whey protein powder you into the blender. Whey protein powder is composed of several flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. you can choose any flavor you like.
Step 2
Add your favorite fruit and combine with other fruits. Before you put it in a blender, clean up first, then cut into small pieces.
Step 3
Add liquids, such as water or low-fat milk, to taste. It would be better if you use milk, Bro, especially after exercising. Milk contains carbohydrates, so that it can be a source of energy for you, especially for those who want to increase muscle mass.
Step 4
If you wish to feel the effects of cold and fresh in milk protein you, add ice cubes to taste. Then, blend them until you get what you desire.
For maximum results and a healthier, use fresh fruits. you can get it on the market or supermarket nearby. By doing so, the nutrients contained in them is still fresh and very good for milk protein you!


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