Without Pounding heart because

  • I experienced this experience about two years ago. At that time, three days before the new year, 2012, in the morning around 01:30 I was abruptly awakened from sleep, when they want to sit in bed I suddenly found my heart beat very fast, I panicked because it is accompanied by breath panting. Everyone was asleep. In the midst of panic and trying hard to keep realizing I tried to catch my breath, I thought that this might be the end of my life. Once I could control the situation, I walked toward my parents room and tried to wake them up and tell what I was experiencing. During the attack I experienced no pain or pressure in the chest to the left of me, just the heart beat irregularly accompanied with gasping breath. After the incident in the morning I then went back to sleep.
    Intermittent approximately 2 months since my first beating heart attack, at the end of February 2012 around 21:00 I again experienced similar events are palpitations accompanied by panting. My parents called a doctor who lived near our home, the doctor and then take action to check my blood pressure and my blood pressure is known to not be normal, she then gave me a sedative and still trying to identify my disease. After I calmed him and then recommended that the next morning I went to the hospital and do a general check up. The next day I did what the doctor ordered with a previous fasting. After I received the results of the check up the whole of my body, I found that all my organs function was within normal limits, meaning there is no things to worry about, including the results of the check ECG my heart is still in the normal range. The results of the laboratory tests then I take it to a doctor who handles me in the evening that the doctor also explained to me that all the good results of the tests. The question in my mind is what happened with my heart for 2 times the attack. The doctors can not explain.
    Lapse of one month in mid-March, in the afternoon I had a heart attack pounding the third time. This time it seems that the heaviest attack since I was not able to walk let alone to just sit on the bed. My legs also feels very cold and the attack lasted long enough dibandingkn the last two attacks. Because it is still early evening my parents and my brothers decided to take me to the local hospital emergency room. On arrival at the ER I was directly handled by the doctors who were on guard. While in the hospital, my heart flutter already somewhat subsided, the doctor put ECG equipment on my chest and my heart rate monitor. On that day I asked to stay overnight in the emergency room. The next day the ER doctors who deal with me let me go home and again asked me to rest, but asked me to fast because the next day was asked to re-do a thorough check up. I do what is recommended by doctors and after obtaining the results of the check up on my return to the ER physician. The results of the first and second check ups I take everything. After comparing the results of the check-up twice in different laboratories found, ER physician conclusion that what I experienced was a heart defect called Arrhythmias, a condition caused by psychological reasons for stress. Stress causes irregular heartbeat consequently so disturbed blood supply accompanied by panting. The emergency physician advised me to visit poly nervous because my organ function in good condition. Conditions are also bad cholesterol within the normal threshold so that there is no blockage in my heart.
    After the incident two years have passed and I no longer had a heart attack pounding. I decided to write this because my experience would like to invite everyone to care about the health of our heart because the heart is the main driver of our motors. In order for our bodies to function normally we should pay more attention to one of our most important members of this organ. So that we are always healthy heart should we do the following:
  • Make a healthy diet

    Choose healthy foods that do not contain fat and cholesterol such as meat, fried food. Choose foods high in fiber such as oats, vegetables and fruits.
  • Always keep your weight normal

    Obesity is just going to hit us and make the heart work harder.
  • Avoid stress

    Just as I experienced stress can make our heart's workload becomes abnormal, therefore, as much as possible avoid stress because stress will only harm our bodies.
  • Consumption of seafood is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and 6

    The seafood is well known for his usefulness for heart health, konsumislah seafood wisely and not excessive.
  • Sport

    Light but regular exercise will be far more beneficial than vigorous exercise, but not routinely or regularly. With the sport can train our heart to be strong and make the blood vessels in the whole body to be smooth.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, avoid the use of narcotics and other dangerous drugs

    These substances are not to be consumed our bodies. These substances are recommended for use outside of the body and under the supervision of doctors skilled in the art.
  • Conduct periodic general inspection

    The organs in our body like a machine, it should be examined regularly to ensure functions are running optimally.
    With love your heart by way of judicious in choosing what should be avoided for consumption and will make your heart is still functioning properly. Heart health is very important, lest you regret it later if your heart function begins to decline. Therefore, before too late to care for your heart from now on.


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