Banana Leaf Benefits For Skin, Health, and Packaging

Banana is a plant that is beneficial to health. Not only fruit that can be used to maintain skin health and meet the body's nutritional, banana leaf also has many benefits. Here's the full benefits of banana leaves for the health of your skin.
Ingredients Fruit and Banana Leaves
banana leaf Bananas contain carbohydrates that can provide satiety longer in the stomach. In addition to containing carbohydrates, fruits also contain minerals and vitamins that are high enough such as vitamin C, vitamin E, high calorie, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, and other nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, carotene, amino acids, to vitamin A . not only the fruit that contains a high nutrient content, but the leaves also contain natural ingredients works to maintain healthy skin.
The content of banana leaves is the highest content of allantolin whose role is to update the layer of dead skin cells on your skin. Material antioxidants can neutralize toxins in the body until it contains anti-inflammatory substances. Therefore, if you want to know the benefits of banana leaves this collection, immediately refer to the full review in the continuation of the following discourse.
1. As Herb Medicine Luka and Dandruff
Banana leaves contain natural ingredients that can heal small cuts in your skin. Not only heals wounds, but in banana leaves is also beneficial untukmengobati skin disorders such as dandruff, sunburn and eczema. To make potions banana leaves, you only need to make a fresh banana leaf extract juice and gradually use in curing skin disorders such. Soak in cold water if you want to treat burns the skin affected by sunburn.
2. Medicinal neutralization Poison Insects
Often get poisonous insect bites? Banana leaves have medicinal properties that can neutralize toxins from insect bites such as bee and spider. This is a natural remedy that can eliminate natural toxins and high in antioxidants prevent skin from adverse environmental effects. Skin irritation and rash rash can be cured quickly using this herb banana leaves.
3. Medicinal Beauty Skin
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Banana leaves contain active ingredients allantolin are used as a mixture of beauty creams. The content allantolin fairly high in banana leaves is beneficial to cure skin irritations, inflammation, hinga kill germs. By leveraging the benefits of banana leaves allantolin of this, the skin can increase skin cell growth stimulation latest.
4. Medicinal Natural Inflammation
Babies have sensitive skin types. Thus, the selection of baby care products porters should also be chosen with care. If the baby's skin irritation or inflammation occurs, you can choose a banana leaf as a natural ointments that contain natural substances healing skin problems baby. Just mix it with olive oil and beeswax, you can cope with diaper rashes and insect bites. In addition, a mixture of banana leaves, comfrey, and cayenne pepper can be used to remove the scar on your skin, reduce bleeding, to itching.

Are there other benefits?

Other benefits banana leaves as various wrapping foodstuffs, pastry, to a variety of vegetables and cuisines across Indonesia.
For a variety of cake recipes and cooking is not counted its kind that utilizes banana leaves as a wrapper that will add savory food and dishes of your cake. Here are some foods that use banana leaves to wrap it up.
  1. Cake
  2. Grilled fish cake
  3. Pepes fish
the benefits of banana leaves There are many other processed foods utilizing banana leaves, in addition to the external banana leaf body functions very much. Why do people use banana leaves to wrap the pastry and cuisine? very fragrant aroma of banana leaves to add to your savory dishes.
Well, this is the description of the content of a banana leaf along with bundles of banana leaves benefits of an active role in maintaining the health of your body. Heal wounds, insect bites, until the irritation can be cured by concocting potions banana leaves is because it contains allantolin, high antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances to natural, safe for the body.


  1. that rubbed over the face with a light massage in a very circular motion. Then let stand for quarter-hour, then rinse with cold water.


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