Tips to Prevent Health Problems in Night Shift Workers

For the night shift workers, there are some tips that you can apply here that are not easily hurt. posed by the night shift job needs more attention. Not possible when no workers who work the night shift. Just imagine if your night of illness or accident, but there are no doctors, nurses and police on duty? Sure would be a big problem.Despite working with the shift schedule is a risk factor for several diseases, but it is only one of several causes. When you have a healthy body and primed from the start, then the risk you have to be lower.Working with working hours as opposed to the natural sleep cycle will cause sleep disorders and chronic fatigue, which in turn can contribute to the cause of mood disorders, lowered reflexes and cognitive abilities and makes a person more susceptible to disease terkenan.Of course it does not necessarily make you who work the night shift decided to stop. With no need to worry, when you work with shift schedule, there are some things that you can follow to avoid health problems: sure you eat sufficient, healthy and nutritious.
Regular exercise. Working with the shift is not an excuse to not exercise. You can do exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise can do when you holiday.
Enough sleep. One example setting hours of sleep that you can apply:
When you work with a rotation so that any time you are not doing the night watch try to sleep as usual (for example at 22:00 to 6:00). Including during holidays.
Sleep 30 minutes sebe; um night shift will make your body feel more refreshed, but not until more than 30 minutes because it will make you hard to be woken up and feel more sleepy when you wake up. Unless you have completed one sleep cycle is 90 minutes.
Be sure to pay a loan sleep finished work. Whatever the reason is lack of sleep will cause problems so that the body's natural need for sleep can not be ignored.
Be sure to adjust the lighting coming into your bedroom that is not too bright. When I got home from work you can also use sunglasses to reduce light entering the eye.You can perform periodic medical examinations to the doctor. Night shift workers requires monitoring more than doctors. If you have trouble sleeping may doctors will provide additional therapy.


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