20 Benefits of Basil for Health and Beauty

Hasil gambar untuk Basil plant
You must be familiar with the basil. Maybe you've come across a lot of this as a mix of basil seeds and complement a variety of cold drinks. For you who do not know, this basil seeds small black and white exterior surrounded by clear, the magnitude of almost the same size of sesame. Basil seeds is derived from the dried basil flowers and seeds are soaked until a translucent white membrane dipinggirnya.
Basil plants
Basil has a Latin name ocinum which is a structured group of plant division reigned plantea and is native to Thailand. This plant is widely used in the seeds, leaves and fruit. The leaves that serves as a herb with fragrant aroma that is his trademark, rotten, sweet and refreshing.
In countries china, basil seeds has long been used untu various alternative drugs that cure various diseases. Chinese people, believe basil seeds can relieve fever, lowering pasa on the body, to treat pain due to insect bites, increase appetite and treat coughs.
In addition to having good taste and intriguing to those who have never consumed, basil seeds consumed at any time without bad for health. When most appropriate and advisable to consume beverages or foods made from basil seeds is at night.
One type that is popular in Indonesia basil is basil. In general, the Indonesian people are making use of this sweet basil on the leaves as spices and vegetables, while the seeds to mix a variety of iced drinks. Not only as a complement to a cold drink, can not be denied basil seeds has a variety of good content in it so that the functionality and usefulness too much.
Content of Seed Basil
Various good content contained in basil seeds among eugenol, tymol, metal eugenol, vitamins, fat, and fiber. Eugamol serves as a fungicide in the body, has a function tymol insect repellent or deterrent, antibiotics will fight bacteria and methyl eugenol as attractants or decoy. There was also the content of essential oils in basil seeds consisting of linalool, methyichavicol, citral, geraniol, ocimenen, 1.8 cincole, encalyptole, himonene, eugenol methylether, furfural, methyl cinnamate, and farnesol. The content is very good for skin health and beauty as well as the face. The following are some of the benefits of basil seeds.

Basil Benefits for Health

1. Reducing the harm of nicotine
By consuming basil seeds that can minimize the negative impact of nicotine in the body which is mostly derived from the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Not only the seeds, basil leaves also have the same benefits in minimizing the effects of nicotine in the body.
2. Strengthening the immune system in the body
The content of vitamin C and antioxidants in basil seeds is instrumental in improving and strengthening immunity in the human body.
3. Curing constipation and flatulence
Carminative effects contained in the seeds selatif berfungi cure many digestive problems such as bloating, cramps, constipation and hard bowel movements. It also can cure inflammation of the stomach by consuming 5gr basil seeds are boiled with water and additional 200cc 1sdm honey in order to each morning and evening.
4, Able to treat cough
Antispasmodic in basil seeds can help cure whooping cough. Therefore, do not be surprised if many people take advantage of this basil seeds for expectorant and cough medicine by mixing the basil seeds in a cup of tea can also dilute phlegm.
5. Able to relieve stress
Basil seeds is not uncommon to be used as an aromatherapy because it has a calming effect and can improve mood. In addition, the basil seeds or sunflower seeds basil can cure fatigue, nervous tension, migrants and reduce depression. The way to brew 5gr basil seeds in 200 cc of water and then drink it when still warm and mix honey and lemon to taste.
6. Relieves respiratory disorders
Consuming ginger drink with basil seeds and honey mixture can be a natural remedy in dealing with respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis. The trick is to boil the ginger and beans along with a glass of water at the same time and then add honey to taste and drink while still warm.
7. Healing the wounds and infections of the skin
Basil seeds contain natural oils that can be used to help heal wounds and infections of the skin such as burns.
8. Lowering blood sugar levels
Gould sutter medical research foundation proves that basil seeds daoat help normalize blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes not only tu, basil seeds is also effective in controlling appetite.
9. to strengthen bones
Anti-inflammatory found in the plant is able to heal arthritis. The calcium present in basil seeds can also increase bone density and prevent bone loss.
10. Can withstand hunger
For those who are on a diet, basil seeds can be used as alternetif to resist hunger for people who are dieting. Fibers contained in basil seeds that makes full longer but still healthy gut by inhibiting the conversion of starch into sugar and reduce the absorption of toxins in the body.
11. Help eliminate insomnia
This one sleeping disorders experienced by many people. By regularly consume foods and beverages that contain basil seeds that can reduce excessive anxiety or insomnia.
12. Cure your toothache
By drinking the stew 10gr basil seeds mixed with cloves 4 grains can help relieve toothache. Drink when still in warm conditions.
13. Heal headache
By consuming 5gr basil seeds that have been boiled with hot water and extra honey, it can relieve headaches.
14. Improving blood circulation
In addition to the properties that can accelerate blood circulation in the body, basil seeds also facilitate perspiration, improve the performance of liver neutralize and remove toxins, diuretic, and to lower fever and heat inside.
15. Helpful for pregnant women
For young women who are pregnant are usually often have a cold or the heat inside. Basil seeds can be used to cope with the heat in pregnant women. However, if the heat and fever had too high should be taken to the doctor because the data is dangerous to the health of the fetus.
Various benefits of basil as described above also apply to pregnant women, such as reducing a state of anxiety, overcome insomnia, digestive problems, blood circulation, relieve spasms, relieve pain, laxative urine and sweat, clean up toxins in the body, and improve the immune system.
16. It works as an anti-inflammatory
Basil has the same effectiveness as aspirin and ibuprofen. Additionally, basil does not irritate the stomach because of the herbaceous plants there are elements that will prevent injury in the body. All parts in the basil seeds can be utilized from the leaves, stalks, stems, flowers, seeds and essential oils it contains for treating various diseases both physically and psychologically.

Basil Benefits for Beauty

1. Helps to soften and moisturize the skin
In using the herb basil seeds as beauty, then tumbuklah basil seeds until smooth, pour enough hot water, stirring until cool and use as a facial scrub once a day ahead and do an afternoon shower.
2. Reduce fine lines signs of aging on the face
3. Can eliminate eye bags
4. Prevent the appearance of acne on the face
5. Can help shrink the stomach is distended
This benefits not only to women, men are also the same. So many benefits contained in basil seeds basil seeds that can be used as one of the alternative drugs that are easier to find. Or dried basil seeds that have been soaked in hot water is very easy to find, on the market just to spend 2 thousand to 10 thousand rupiah rupiah then it can get quite a lot of basil seeds.
In addition to having a variety of benefits for health and beauty. Basil seeds also have various contents is also good if consumed by pregnant women. Generally, young mothers who are pregnant should avoid consuming chemical drugs. Therefore, it is not uncommon to many pregnant women are confused consume any drugs when badannyanya weakness, fever or pain. Pregnant women are more encouraged to consume herbal medicines or fruits that have efficacy.

Basil Plant Characteristics

For those of you who had not noticed what kind of basil seeds, the following characteristics basil plant. At the batannya, basil always forked at the top with a height of 50-50 cm. sementera the single basil leaves, located opposite to the stem length of about 0.5 cm-2 cm, oval shape elongated with leaf surface until smooth-haired, pointy tip and serrated leaves.
Meanwhile, the flowers are arranged in bunches of purple or white out of the branching ends with a hard texture dark brown colored. The basil seeds such as sesame and small sized black. When soaked or doused with hot water, it will appear on the cornea's periphery basil seeds that look like a frog egg. basil seeds is often also called basil seed is usually used as a complement pudding, iced fruit, and other snacks.
Basil is an annual shrub species belonging to the fragrance refreshing, fragrant and somewhat unpleasant. Plants originating from the Thai basil is often grew thick in places humid and shady even often living wild on the roadside. There are different types of basil plant species, including Ocimum americanum, Ocimum basilicum, Ocimum campechianum, acimum gratissimum, Ocimum kilimandscharicum, Ocimum bassilum ferina citratum, and Ocimum tenuiflorum.
Basil species are widely grown in Indonesia is a species of basil is often called basil. Basil Ocimum species included in bassilum ferina citratum. Indonesian people calling basil remain as basil, while pilipina call with balanoy and his name in the English language that is sweet basil. Many Java people call this plant as solasih or tolasih, while Sulawesi call luluru plants or basil.
Not only as a spice, or other food and beverages can be consumed. Basil or basil are also used as part of the worship services in Orthodox churches. These plants are usually placed in a number of Orthodox churches. Similarly, the introduction of the basil plant traits ranging from basil, the content and the substance contained in the basil to the existing benefits in basil plants mainly in the seeds. Hopefully with this information, you can take advantage of basil as one of the alternative medicine in all health problems because basil is very easy to obtain.


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