Sensitive Teeth Is One Health Problems That Often Occur

shutterstock_297068462 copyBesides the issue of tartar or dental cavities, problems with teeth and mouth that often attack the problem of sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth is a condition where the tooth itself suddenly feel the pain when eating or drinking hot or cold temperature. You know, the problem of sensitive teeth alone can strike at least one of the eight people in the United States, and even more common in young and old human women.

Feeling pain in teeth can come with a sudden but can also disappear by itself. However, because the sense of pain usually occurs when eating or drinking, people tend to lose appetite or even avoid certain foods or beverages. This means that the problem of sensitive teeth can affect the quality of life because we will have many restrictions in consuming certain foods or beverages. Typically, food or drinks cold or hot temperatures, has a flavor that sour or too sweet are the most prone to make teeth sensitive.

A study conducted in several states in the United States show that turns sensitive teeth will appear for the depletion of the tooth enamel, or outer layer, and if the tooth exposed to direct contact on certain foods or beverages, feeling pain would be directly hit. The problem is, thinning of the tooth enamel will be difficult to detect with the naked eye. Health experts said even if 82 percent of the participants who followed the studies that discuss sensitive teeth tend to have white teeth and looked clean, although there are many who have less healthy teeth also have sensitive teeth problem.

Health experts also said if people aged 18 to 44 years old have a risk of sensitive teeth 3.5 greater than younger or older than that age. Meanwhile, women also have a greater risk of getting into trouble sensitive teeth 1.8 times greater than those experienced by men. To prevent the emergence of sensitive teeth, treat and clean the teeth with a daily routine would be the thing to do. If necessary, use toothpaste or toothbrushes specifically to care for sensitive teeth. We also should drink water immediately after consuming food or drink that tend to prevent the depletion of acid on tooth enamel


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