7 Benefits of Lacto B in Children and Toddlers

Every mother would want her baby to be healthy and grow well. Each mother was sure to feel responsible when their children suddenly exposed to any diseases that. The mother certainly will try to heal his son with a variety of efforts. One of the most common disease in toddlers is diarrhea. This disease is indeed seems simple and unremarkable. But when a baby feel this disease, she felt very uncomfortable with the disease and will be bad for the baby if the disease is never cured.
Many ways to cure an infant diarrhea, ranging from some of the drugs available in the market until then brought him to the doctor. There is one cure for babies from diarrhea problems. The drug is lacto b. Lacto B is a probiotic. It behaves just like vitamins which have uses one of them is diarrhea medicine for toddlers. Here are some brief explanations of the benefits of lacto B in children:
1. Protecting the digestive system
The main benefit of this is to protect the probiotics digestive system. Because in this probiotic, it has substances that are good for the health of human digestion. That is why he has a primary function as a protector of the digestive system itself.
2. Inhibits harmful bacteria
Inside Lacto B is contained Lactic Acid Bacterial which has the ability to produce organic acids. Organic acids produced by Lactic Acid Bacterial usefulness to inhibit harmful bacteria in the intestine. In addition, when the growth of harmful bacteria that may be delayed, then he will be able to make the balance of flora in the intestines.
3. hydrolyze lactose into glucose and galactose
In the lacto B, in addition to containing lactic acid bacterial that I mentioned earlier, it also contains lactobacilli. This element is capable of producing beta-galactosidase enzyme capable of hydrolyzing lactose into glucose and galactose.
4. Reduces lactose intolerance
Probiotic Lacto B is also able to reduce lactose intolerance or the simple explanation is diarrhea caused by consuming milk formula containing lactose. Lacto B have the benefit of this kind.
5. Balancing Intestinal Flora
As I mentioned in the first point of some of these points, lacto b can make the balance of flora in the gut. This allows for lacto b contain vitamin B which is good for the body and intestines.
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6. Helps normalize the function of the GI
One of the other functions of the lacto B is to help normalize the GI function related to human digestion.
7. Optimizing growth in children
In the treatment of diarrhea using lacto B, doses should be given to children when they wanted to take this medicine is based on how old your child. If aged under one year, then you can give it only 2 sachets per day. But when you have a child between the ages of 1-6 years, you can give 3 sachets per day.
Likewise, when your children want to consume it directly, then you can give directly. But if your child does not want to take the medicine directly, you can mix with the food to be eaten by your child or mix it with milk.
It should be noted! This drug is a drug which helps normalize digestion and not replace fluids in the body of your baby. Therefore, your baby should still be given drink intake enough so his health is maintained.

Excellence Lacto B for Diarrhea

There are several things that make Lacto B into probiotics are recommended for your toddler is being affected by diarrhea. Here are some of the advantages of Lacto B:
  • more Manjur
According to some women who have tried out these drugs in children, lacto B is more effective to cure her of the pain suffered diarrhea.
  • It feels good
The taste of Lacto B is quite good. It is sweet and can be mixed with other foods. This of course makes it a mother to make her take this medicine without having to force him to take the medicine.
  • Practical
Lacto B is shaped sachets and small. So it can be taken anywhere for urgent conditions who need help on this drug.
Similarly, some of the benefits of lacto b. how consumption, the recommended dose, up to an excess of lacto B itself. Basically, a healthy body begins with a healthy life as well. So if you, the mothers want your child is not sick, you need to promote a clean and healthy life so that your children awake from bacteria that harm the body and health. Good luck and stay healthy!


  1. Researchers believe that giving probiotics to healthy babies isn’t linked to any side effects. Kids that have a weakened immune system and pre-term babies are an exception.

    If you want to give your baby or child a probiotic supplement, talking to a physician prior to getting started will be a good idea.

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