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Sunday, April 24, 2016

12 The benefits of exercise for elementary school children Growth

Sport is an activity which is also required by the body, especially on children in primary school, olaahraga is necessary, because the sports body will be healthy, with exercise also kebugarn be obtained, for children who are still around age 7 to 12 years of exercise is very beneficial to development, good development of biological and psychological development, with sports, physical child will be trained, so that the child will develope be a strong child, and does not get sick. Because the truth is the basic training exercise to keep the body and improve the body's immune system or immune sisitem.
With regular exercise kebugaranpun be obtained. So what are the benefits of sports for elementary school children ages 7 to 12 years. These include the following:
1. Helps maintain healthy
At the age of elementary school children is an age where the body will be more active to make progress therefore it is necessary to exercise for health awake, the exercise will reduce the risk of disease disease, the development in children of primary school age are very rapidly, including developments in the form of the body, if the child lack of exercise may be the longer it will semaakin accumulate disease that will cause obesiatas. And of obesity it will usually carry disease other illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
Indeed, these diseases usually strikes in adulthood, but in fact it is the influence from an early age, whether or not exercise diligent. When exercising the disease will be less likely to attack the body. Sport possible at this age are so numerous and varied, for example by playing cat and mouse, or also dengann jump rope, and other fun games.
2. Make the child more active and productive
This happens because of the effect of exercise diligently in accordance with the proportion will make the body become fitter, it means that the sport should not be excessive, excessive exercise if it will cause fatigue that does not mean, instead of being healthy but instead became ill. With sports accordance with the portions meang able to make children become more active and productive because they tend to be more healthy body.
3. Good for growth
As with the explanation on the first point, that age-old as that is active in pertumbuhann onset age, exercise is true, good and will regularly boasts hormones stimulate the body and improve healthy growth. So that the child grows healthy body will be easier to reach its potential, because sufficient exercise and regular mempengharui not only physical health, but also the psychological health of children and reasoning power.
4. Cultivate a social nature in the community
Sport must require those people around, exercise can be done alone, but alagkah more fun age like this sport with abanyak friends, in sports games children will usually have exercise compactness, practice communicating and also exercise command, so it will be easier for a child social learning of the sport. That way children will understand itself what it is friendship, what it is and what the competition victory and defeat. With sport also children will learn to solve the problem that there is in him.
5. Foster Child
Sport at this age usually daengan sports game, so that children will learn to develop the functions of the senses, because the child sports games there will be orders, rules and cooperation, there is also seeking soslusi and how to achieve the goal. Such as playing cat and mouse. Here there will be the rule, as a cat can shelter inside the circle and humans were hunting is not allowed in the neighborhood, so the child will think anyway to do perainan this, the child will be trained to comply with other rules, cooperation is going on here is their -msing temaan will menjag the cat was not to tertanggkap by humans who are after, and so on.
6. Maintaining a healthy heart
Sports that do child regularly will help the heart to work more optimally, the heart will become stronger and also the oxygen would easily spread to all cells that exist within the body. 
7. Train intelligence
Children who like sports will train the intelligence, because the sport requires a strategy to get the best, for it diligently exercising children's children will often set the strategy and also sharpening his wit. Sport was able to make the coordination of the brain so that it develops the better, by exercising the child will be easier to absorb information provided.
8. More confident
Children will be more confident because of the social life and intelligence have always been honed to exercise, in addition to the skills can be honed with the sport.
9. Help your child to practice sportsmanship
Because in a sports game there will be winners and losers, but here is just a game so every perainan there should be no revenge or the other. In sports will also be taught how to value and memantaskan themselves, appreciate if there is a friend who lost, not even megolok of him, because it will menimbulkana a fight that is not good for the child psychologically, with sports teachers would definitely say that this is only a game and should be sportive, so there will be no cheating.
10. Teach you to be able to cooperate
As has been explained previously dipoin-points, that sports play in sport elementary school children will help to children in working, because usually the sport at the age of SD is a sport that is done in groups.
11. Helping children to set goals
With exercise there will definitely be targets achieved, such as sports run, certainly the target achieved was finished and it will stimulate the child's brain to reach the finish.
12. Fostering perseverance
Kids will definitely have things to encourage him to be better for the child must be diligent when doing sports. Because exercise should be done regularly, so the child will be trained to melath routines, this means also trained perseverance for children to exercise regularly.
That if only the benefits that can be obtained on the child diligent exercise, so the child will be developed into a good boy. Then train the child to the sport since as early as possible. May be useful.

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