It's the Right Sitting Position While on the Home Computer

It's the Right Sitting Position While on the Home ComputerBeing in front of the computer may be part of the work that you can not avoid. Consider the following article to keep you safe and fit despite a day at the computer.
Have you ever experienced a stiff body, especially the kidneys and eyes tired? You can experience it when working at the computer for too long. However, what if your job requires so?
There are ways that you can still work productively without sacrificing health.
Adjusting Seat
Before starting work, adjust your chair and sitting positions on the table. Adjust the seat backrest so that it can sustain throughout your spine. For added convenience, you can add a pillow behind. You can lean at an angle of 105 to 120 degrees of the thigh.
In addition, also adjust your seat height to the height of the table, so you can put your arm horizontally on the table. Try to keep your feet also climbed to the second floor. If your leg is not long enough, you can add a box or a small chair to prop your feet.
Set the Keyboard and Mouse
Put the keyboard right in front of you. Avoid pushing the keyboard forward to then put the document in front of you. This will force you to reach for the keyboard far ahead, and this is not good for the waist and spine. You can use the place to put the document to the left or right for easier.
You can use the keyboard drawer (keyboard tray) that is placed under the table, if you also want to put the document in front of you.
The mouse should be placed right beside your keyboard - at least not far from the reach of your hand - in order to be a sore arm is not easy. You can use as a soft pillow berisitirahat right wrist, if required.
Setting the Computer Screen
Put the computer screen right in front of your face. Adjust the height of the screen with your eyes, so that your neck should not be too up or down - but it is in a relaxed, neutral position.
Adjust the distance between where you sit with your arms throughout the monitor. In addition, you also need to adjust the lighting in your computer monitor, so do not be too dark or too bright.
Make sure that your office environment has adequate lighting. If felt still lacking, you can open a window or add a table lamp.
Take a break
Staring at the monitor and sit in the same position for long periods can cause various health problems in your body. Therefore, it is recommended that you rest for 1-2 minutes every 30 minutes, or 5-10 minutes every hour. You can close your eyes, stretch your body, walk to the water dispenser to fill, or go to the toilet.
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