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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wash your face with warm water or cold water?

Washing your face is very important activity to be done in order to avoid the problem of facial skin. Wash your face with water is the best method because the dirt will be easier to clean, and the water on the skin will make us feel fresh.
However, what about the temperature of the water used? Wash your face with warm water or cold water?
Here's his review:
Wash your face with warm water
Often heard the news that washing your face with warm water can open the pores of the skin. But actually, the pores of the skin can not open or close. Warm water works by rinsing the levels of excess oil and dirt on the surface of the skin, and makes us more relaxed.
When you wash your face with warm water, note that the water temperature is not too hot. It is frequently forgotten when it is cold, and you want a warm bath. The water is warm on the skin can be too hot in the skin. Water that is too hot it helped get rid of the skin's natural oils. This will make your skin dry and irritated.
The temperature of the water from the sink or faucet easier to handle than the temperature of the water coming from the shower. Therefore, the warm water coming from the sink or faucet is more convenient to use when washing your face.
Wash your face with cold water
Wash your face with cold water is believed to be a less effective action. Because the water is cold less effective in removing dirt and excess oil on the skin surface. Like washing the dishes were dirty and greasy, certainly easier to clean with warm water. However demikain, use cold water is highly recommended for use after a clean face in order to provide a fresh effect on the skin.
In conclusion, the water that is too hot or cold it is dependent on the temperature sensitivity of each individual. Therefore, use warm water is not too hot when you want to clean your face. At the temperature of this water, dirt will be easier to clean than using cold water. However, to increase the sensation of fresh, do a final rinse with cold water.
When washing your face, always use soap berpelembap to your skin always healthy and well groomed. After washing your face, dry face with a towel gently and do not rub the skin too hard so that the skin is not irritated.

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