How to Tighten chubby cheeks?

Do you often take pictures selfie? Often difficult to find a corner of the photo to hide your chubby cheeks? Here are some natural ways that can help make you look more gaunt cheeks and healthy:
Inadequate fluid needs
Plump cheeks can be caused by the body to retain too much water due to lack of fluid intake. This happens because the body needs fluids concerned we are inadequate, so the body will hold the water and make the face look more plump. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day will keep the body from dehydration and make the cheeks do not look too pudgy.
Cut down on sugar, salt, and alcohol
Sugar and salt have interesting properties of water. Just like in a state of dehydration, salt and sugar content is too high will cause the body to retain water. This resulted in the cheeks look chubby. Similarly, the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can cause the body to become dehydrated, so the body will compensate by holding water.
Avoid smoking
Smoking can cause skin to look dull and causing reduced skin elasticity. Of course you do not want the cheek skin looks dull and sagging, is not it? So should avoid smoking.
Grow vegetables and fruit
Not only make the body more healthy, vegetables and fruit can also reduce your chubby cheeks! Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of water, which means consumption of vegetables and fruits will keep the hydration of the body so the body does not need to hold excess water.
Chewing gum
It turned out that chewing gum can help reduce the mass of your cheeks. Not only makes us more relaxed and the scent of breath, repetitive chewing motion can also tighten the jaw. But make sure not to overdo it because it can make the jaw ached.
facial exercise
Some of motion exercises can help tighten the facial muscles and burn fat from the cheeks. For example, the movement of the cheeks and the mouth seemed to mention the letter "X" and "O". And the best part, this facial exercise you can do anytime and anywhere.
Smile? Easy as that? Yes, with a frequent smile, you have to train your facial muscles and reduce chubby cheeks. Not only that, a smile also helps you think positive throughout the day.
Lose weight
Simplest and most effective ways to make your cheeks look slimmer is to decrease the overall weight of your body. Therefore, watch your diet and start doing various methods of body work on a regular basis.
Note the drug consumption
Several types of medications can cause the body to retain more water. In addition to the various ways mentioned above, it might not hurt if you notice that your routine drug consumption drinking now and consult with your doctor.
Basic skin care
• Keep your skin care patterns. Routine washing your face, put on moisturizer to keep skin hydration, as well as applying sunscreen whenever long in the sun, a ritual that should be done every day. In addition, there is no harm in taking supplements to nourish the skin. Supplements containing antioxidants that work to fight free radicals, can maintain skin elasticity and moisture so that the skin always looks more healthy, toned and radiant.


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