12 Benefits Oyster Mushrooms Good For Body

If we talk about mushrooms, which often comes first in the mind of the layman is toxic. However, the fact is there are some mushrooms are edible and nutritious for the body's health. One of them is the oyster mushroom. Benefits oyster mushrooms for a healthy body, was not only for filling the stomach, but nutritious for health.

The oyster mushroom is one of the plants that are a source of protein for the body. In addition, oyster mushrooms also contain essential amino acids complete and good for health. Well, a variety of health benefits for the body of the oyster mushroom is discussed fully below. Listen, yes!

Oyster mushrooms for health benefits

  • Controlling Cholesterol Evil
Oyster mushroom nutritional value equivalent to meat. However, the difference is 0% cholesterol content in it. Excess meat oyster mushrooms are compared with oyster mushrooms can provide adequate nutrition without increasing the bad cholesterol in the body. In the study conducted by the United Statates Drugs and Andmiration also proves that eating oyster mushrooms on a regular basis can reduce levels of malicious koletrol on the body.
  • Increases Body Immunity
Benefits of this one oyster mushrooms can be demonstrated by health experts. The content of vitamin C in the oyster mushrooms play an important role to improve the immune system. In addition, oyster mushrooms also contain magnesium are also good for the body. The contents makes some experts recommend eating these plants regularly so that the immune system is maintained.
  • Helps Fight Free Radicals
Oyster mushrooms contain compounds that are quite important and is needed by the body riboflavin, niacin and selenium. Antioxidants in it can fight free radicals that cause the body's cells become damaged.
  • Nutrition Intake For Pregnant Women
For pregnant women who are in need of more nutrients, can consume oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms Benefits for pregnant women that is as adequate nutrition and necessary in everyday so that fetal growth is getting better.
  • Tumor Virus Destroyer
Iron is contained in the oyster mushroom has a vital role to the growth of lymphocytes. This compound serves to destroy tumor cells or viral disease. For people here, at least have to consume 8 milligrams of iron per day while women need 18 milligrams. One cup of oyster mushroom has a percentage of 12 percent of the daily intake for men and 6 per cent for women.
  • Alternative Protein Sources
Oyster mushrooms contain amino acids that are very complete. Therefore, the protein in dry oyster mushroom can reach 10.5-30.4% which is higher than rice and wheat only 7.3% ie 13.2%. even more astonishing is the protein content in the oyster mushrooms can be higher than in cow's milk, which reached 25.2%.

  • Helps Protect the Heart and Blood Pressure Lowering
Substance ergosterol in oyster mushrooms will turn into vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light. The role of vitamin D here to mengataur immune enzymes and regulate a variety of genes that affect cell growth in the body. Vitamin D in mushrooms can also help lower blood pressure and maintain heart health.
  • The Prevention of Breast Cancer
In fungi there is beta-glucan and linoleic acid. For Beta-glucan itself can function as inhibitors of cell growth of prostate cancer in men. While linoleic acid has a role to suppress the onset of the effects of estrogen causes breast cancer in the fair sex after menopause.
  • anti bacteria
At the moment when the oyster mushrooms consumed appeared to have significant antibacterial activity. As the information is drawn from the study in 1997, published by the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry." Saying that, benzaldehyde compounds active on oyster mushrooms can reduce bacteria levels that cause stress.

  • Reducing the Risk of Prostate Cancer
Mushrooms contain selenium that are useful for preventing prostate cancer. Because in some studies suggest that eating 2 times servings a day can lower the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Can Overcome Liver
The main function of the liver is a detoxifying and guarded If it does well be at risk for liver disease. One of the functions of oyster mushrooms as antibacterial and antitumor be as detoxifying the body terdapatdalam.
  • Can Lower Body
Mushrooms have high protein content but have lower calories and cholesterol and has a high water content up to 80%. Mushrooms are also rich in fiber so it can be to lose weight.

Well, now you do not need to have thought that it was poisonous mushrooms or mushrooms only as a filling snack. After knowing the efficacy of oyster mushrooms on top, you can consider as one of the oyster mushroom nutritious food.

In addition, it benefits oyster mushrooms good for pregnant women because it contains high nutrient for the growth of the fetus in the womb. Essentially identical plants with white color serves to suppress bad cholesterol.


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