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Sunday, May 22, 2016


shutterstock_233859859 copy 2One way to maintain a healthy body that has been recommended by many health experts is to consume water with sufficient quantities. Drinking two liters of water a day is believed to make the body will be hydrated and the various systems in the body that work can proceed smoothly. In addition, the consumption of water with sufficient believed to be able to make us free from pain.

Health experts said if the lack of water consumption is closely linked with the advent of lower back pain. Dr. Budi Wiweko, SpOG (K) said the fact that the actual consumption of water is not necessarily directly related to back pain. However, if we rarely drink water or less water consumption which makes the body often dehydrated, then we will increase the risk of kidney function problems or even kidney stones. In short, the pain would be felt because of the emergence of this dangerous disease.

Health experts indicate if someone is lack of drinking water in a long time, the risk of getting kidney stones was enormous. If this is the case, then the pain in the waist can take place with very painful. Dehydration alone for health experts from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Dr. Parlindungan Siregar, is actually not a major factor in the emergence of health problems from kidney stones. However, obviously dehydration has a major role in causing the disease. He said if a kidney stone itself occurred because of genetic factors or conditions in which the urethra there are many excessive calcium content. However, if we consume a lot of water, the concentration of calcium can cause kidney stones should be suppressed.

Given this fact, we should consume enough water each day that are not easily affected by kidney stone disease


shutterstock_219318250 copyWhat made you choose a facial cleanser product that you will use everyday? Most people were still answered if the price factor, or even affect the famous brand of cleaning products they use. In fact, it turns out that not all cleaning products will be suitable for use by the face. There are some people who use cleaning products famous face it eventually trigger skin problems like acne or oily skin are severe. Then, if there are criteria to determine who will face cleaning products we use?

Beauty expert says if it's good we now get rid of the price factor as a determinant of facial cleaning products that we use. Instead of buying cleaning products that were not suitable for our skin, we should be better at knowing the type of skin we like. Some people tend to have oily skin, others will have a normal skin type. However, there are also people who have sensitive skin types that require special care products, and other skin types. If you still can not determine what kind of skin type you have, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist or a beauty that would provide the best solution for facial treatments.

After knowing what might cleaning products suitable for use, then buy that is consistent with the type of facial skin. Typically, each cleaning product label information concerning the suitability for use on a particular skin type. Remember that every cleaning product can have different effects on any skin type.

Even if you've found a suitable facial cleaning products, not necessarily you can use it at will. If we are too often wear it, feared it would be the facial skin dry and vulnerable to new skin problems

Solving Insomnia Can Be Done With Clean Beds

shutterstock_32945530 copythe more people who complain of insomnia when compared with antiquity. Besides the stress factors that plagued the mind caused by a variety of problems in the world of work, or even because of social problems, insomnia can be caused by many other factors, especially the comfort that can not be obtained on the bed. A study conducted by Jim Horner, health experts from Loughborough University says if women feel less comfortable in his bed will tend to be more awake or waking during sleep. For this reason the ratio of women experienced trouble sleeping much higher than men, which is 63 percent higher.

The beds were dirty obviously will be less comfortable to wear to bed. For example, a mattress filled with dust and dirt will certainly make us feel less comfortable skin. Additionally, pillowcases, bed sheets, or even a blanket that smells will also make it more difficult to get quality sleep time. Health experts themselves say if pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, or even a bed cover should we replace it once a week. In addition, try to hang the pillow or mattress at least once a month so that the bed we would be much more convenient to use.

If you have a ceiling fan and you wear when bedtime to get a comfortable temperature to sleep, then you must be diligent cleaning. Without realizing it, the sound of the fan is heavy because rarely cleaned and coupled with the blowing dust can trigger trouble getting quality sleep.

Another area that should we besihkan is the area of ​​the floor and walls of the bedroom that could have been filled with dirt and dust that can create respiratory problems and allergies so that we will be hard to sleep. Do not forget also the area under the bed which we often ignore it clean. In short, the beds were much cleaner, we would be much more relaxed in bed and could potentially get much sleep quality and healthy

Without a Diet, It's 7 Ways Selena Gomez Get Sexy Body

Without a Diet, It's 7 Ways Selena Gomez Get Sexy Body

Slenea Gomez, (google)Selena Gomez (23) have a body with little fat to accumulate in the thighs and hips. But that was years ago. Now, just before starting the world tour, Selena already toned body and sexy.

Since the beginning of last year, Selena asked for help fitness trainer Amy Rose in physical exercise, eating and lifestyles. The results are satisfactory. Selena physical changes now seems more toned and sexy.
In starting from January last year, Selena began to train his body to exercise three to five days a week. Then, a few months before the concert world 'Revival' he exercise seven days a week for about two hours per day.
Here's the secret Amy Rose in making the body of former boyfriend Justin Bieber is more toned and sexy that you might imitate. Learn following launch Cosmopolitan page (05/20/2016).

1. Do not ask weighed
"I never asked him to weigh the body. I do not believe in scales," said Amy. According to this woman when someone is eating healthy foods and exercise will make the body healthy.
2. No diet
No need to limit the food, everything can be eaten, but only in small portions. "I want my life like the French, who could eat anything but a moderate amount or a little. Life is too short for," said Amy.

3. Avoid fast food
Avoid fast food into healthy foods like carrots. Selena food change significantly help shape the body.
4. Sports not monotonous
In addition to cardio exercise, Selena also exercise Pilates, and yoga. In addition, he also often walk or dance with the crew.
"I believe to make the active muscles by combining a lot of things. We bergonta exercise every day," said Amy.
5. Streching
Amy stressed the importance of having the body flexible, which makes the body more flexible Selena.

6. Drink plenty of water
Selena will drink without waiting for thirst. So certainly near Selena always there drinking water.

7. The body and soul healthy
Not only the body that is processed by Amy, she also wants Selena soul healthy. Thus, in many occasions, he would ask Selena to see nature around and away from cell phones or other electronic equipment.
"Health, fitness, food - all of it is very important. What we put in our mouths and our soul affects everything," added Amy.
Important Secrets For Skin Looks Young Age 30s!

Memasuki usia 30, para wanita mulai mengalami penuaan dini yang membuat penampilan menjadi tidak seperti dulu lagi.
Entering the age of 30, the women began experiencing premature aging that make an appearance to not like it used to be. Usually premature aging characterized by reduced elasticity in the skin, dull skin and the appearance of fine lines.
To prevent that you can start with consuming vegetables and fruits, inadequate water intake, as well as regular exercise. However, do not forget to do facial treatments that can make you have a youthful face.
But, you do not get one yes when searching for products for skin care. First find out the cause of premature aging that you experience. Moreover, if the problem is no longer skin supple.
It is usually an early sign of aging begin to appear as we enter the age of 30s. The content of Hyaluronic Acid [HA] in facial skin decreases, will make skin moisture decreases. Reduced skin's moisture, ultimately affect the elasticity of your face.
To prevent this, you must be smart to sort products. Look for one that contains Hyaluronic Acid [HA], because the content is a powerful weapon for those of you who want to look younger. Hyaluronic Acid [HA] be the secret to youthful skin and chewy!
So no wonder, if an emerging trend in the world of skin care today is the use of molecular Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid [HA] is a molecule that is present on our skin and attached to the collagen. Hyaluronic Acid [HA] work by attracting and retain water in the skin.
The content of which is known as the "Fountain of Youth", it works by pulling and storing water in the skin. So that its content can increase the moisture of your skin faster. So, your skin will keep supple, avoid fine lines, and looks fresh.
Not only that, Hyaluronic Acid [HA] also become one of the compounds that are safe and biocompatible with the body skin so rarely cause allergic reactions or undesired side effects.
Still do not know what the product has numerous ingredients Hyaluronic Acid [HA]? This is the answer, L'Oreal RevitaLift Filler [HA].

Make it easier to get the skin supple and youthful, L'Oreal RevitaLift make the latest innovations, namely L'Oreal RevitaLift Filler [HA]. Present in the form of serum and cream, the latest trend is proven to take care of elasticity and skin disguise fine lines. Your skin will look firmer and looking younger quickly.
Uniquely, RevitaLift Filler [HA] serum using a dropper revolutionary airless technology, so that every drop that comes out will be appropriate doses of use, application targeted and serum airtight packaging.
In addition to wearing RevitaLift Filler [HA] serum, you can also use RevitaLift Cream Filler [HA] on the surface of the face and neck. Both of these products contain Hyaluronic Acid Micrometic very easily absorbed by the skin, and Fibroxyl which is the active ingredient to treat skin elasticity.
Even actresses Indonesia, Dian Sastrowardoyo have to take a try. Artists who have entered the age of 34 years have proved themselves the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid content [HA] to the skin of his face by using L'Oreal RevitaLift Filler [HA].
"Upon entering the age of 30 years, we have experienced a change in life. Thought we got older and we are increasingly aware of the importance of investment for the future. Our skin also needs regular maintenance and high quality to maintain facial skin remains supple and fresh look. I've been using L'Oréal Paris RevitaLift Filler [HA] for two months and was very pleased with the results visible, "said Dian Sastrowardoyo.
Intrigued by L'Oreal RevitaLift Filler [HA]? Relax, you can already get it at leading department stores and e-commerce, now!
So do not miss, try and use L'Oreal RevitaLift Filler to face more supple and younger looking day by day.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

This is 5 Benefits of Smile to Your Health

Have you smiled today ... ???. If not, maybe it's good, you do it now and you can do activities to smile more often at the proper time and place. A smile is an activity that is most easily done by humans and have huge benefits for the health of our body and soul. Then, what benefits can we derive from the smile on our health .... ???

Friend, health tips. There are so many benefits that can be obtained from the smile to the health of body and soul. By doing activities smiled able to improve our immune system. But that's not the hidden benefits of the activity smile. Health tips this time will address an article about the health benefits of a smile for you. Friend, health tips, this 5 smiles benefits for your health:
  1. Benefits smile it can make you feel better than ever and is also able to increase your heart suasanan. Therefore, try to always smile when you feel the sorrow and positive thinking to everything you experience that you feel much better and become someone who always think positive and do not become a big hit because of the sorrow.
  2. Benefits smiling next is able to eliminate stress in your life while undergoing strenuous activity and your mind throughout the day. Do activities to smile for one or two minutes to remove the stress at the time and the proper place.
  3. The third smiled benefits that can boost your immune system. This is because, when you smile your body will feel more relaxed so your body resistance will increase as the activity you are doing the smile.
  4. Benefits fourth smile that can eliminate the pain experienced by your body. This is because, when you smile it will trigger increased endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that can naturally relieve pain experienced by your body.
  5. Benefits fifth smiling will make you look more youthful and healthy looks slightly more. This is because, when you smile, the muscles of your face will be lifted so that will make you will look more youthful.

Here's 7 Tips To Get More Sleep Quality

Friend, health tips. Sleep is a routine activity can rest your mind and soul. But many of us are ignoring the hours of sleep he had. This is due to various factors such as a task that had been piling up, playing games or browsing the internet and other activities. Therefore, it is very difficult to get quality sleep for your health. Then, how to get quality sleep .... ???

Many of the results that may result from the reduced hours of sleep you have. Problems with weight, less vibrant, troubled heart and body are susceptible to various diseases is the impact of the lack of hours of your daily sleep. So the importance of quality sleep tips you should know. Friend, health tips. Health tips, the following 7 tips for a better quality of your sleep:
  1. Try doing morning sports activities regularly. This is because, Sports do you do each morning will help you to fall asleep faster at night. So sleep quality can be obtained very easily.
  2. Try to create a regular schedule for your bed every night. By creating a schedule for bedtime, then automatically you can get quality sleep easily anyway.
  3. Try not to consume food that is too filling your stomach at the time of going to sleep. This is because, very full stomach too will lead to difficulty sleeping. A light dinner are strongly advised to make you a better quality night's sleep.
  4. Try to turn off the lights of your bedroom before you go to bed at night. With the room lights were extinguished will make you sleep more soundly. So the quality sleep you will be able to fulfill.
  5. Try not to bring cell phones or mobile phones in your bed. So you will not do activities like calling someone or had an sms with someone who can disturb your sleep clock. So sleep quality can easily be achieved by distance or mobile phone from your bed.
  6. If you are someone who is always associated with the computer, we recommend that you turn off your computer when your sleep schedule has arrived. But advised to rest the brain and mind for half an hour before you go to bed. So that your mind is quiet and you sleep more soundly and getting quality sleep anyway.
  7. The seventh step to get quality sleep is to recognize your habits before bed. So you will be easier to prepare everything to be able to sleep on time and get to sleep anyway berkualita.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

7 Foods That Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

The word "cholesterol", may have been familiar in the ears of everyone. Did you know, cholesterol is one or more body fat known as a lipid. As body fat, cholesterol certainly has various functions in the body. However, if the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood to rise or high. Then this may be a serious problem for health. Different types of foods shown to reduce your cholesterol levels. So, what are the cholesterol-lowering foods .... ???.

Friend, health tips. Under normal circumstances, or stable, cholesterol does have several important functions in the human body. Some of the functions of cholesterol as body fat that is constituent structure of the cell membrane, protecting the skin from toxins and drought issues, the formation of vitamin D (along with UV light) and to form bile acids in the intestine. However, increased levels of bad cholesterol in the body can cause various health problems such as erectile dysfunction, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and increased risk of Alzheimer's disease .. The health tips, the following seven foods that lower bad cholesterol levels in your body:
  1. Tomatoes. Although classified into fruits, consuming tomatoes may help reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. You can make a delicious tomato juice and drink two glasses of tomato juice every day.
  2. Pomegranate. The small red round fruit was also very good for lowering cholesterol levels in the body in particular serves to reduce the buildup of cholesterol plaque and were able to increase the production of nitric oxide, which can help in reducing plaque in the arteries.
  3. Avocado. Fruit with sightings of green colored oval and it is one of the fruits that can increase levels of good cholesterol in the body. This is because, there are two types of cholesterol in our body which is the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) and good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein).
  4. Wine. The grapes were also very good to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. By regularly drank two glasses of grape juice every day can keep the good cholesterol in your body.
  5. Garlic. Although classified as a spice or a spice in the kitchen for all housewives. Garlic was also very effective at helping menurnkan levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Try to consume a clove of garlic per day to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in your body (you also can mix them into various types of cuisine you).
  6. Various processed soybean (tofu and tempeh). Both types of food are also very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body. Another benefit that can be gained that there are sources of protein in both types of food.
  7. Nuts. nuts intended as peanuts, walnuts, almonds and edamame. The content of omega 3 and antioxidants in nuts are very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body.

8 Foods Help You Appear Younger

Penasaran apa saja yang menyebabkan wanita Jepang terlihat awet muda? Baca lengkapnya di sini.
Aging is a sure thing, can not be avoided. Even so there are some foods that help you age with how slowly, more fun, and healthy.

Here are eight foods that will make you look younger, quoted from page EcoWatch, Wednesday (05/11/2016):

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is one of the healthiest fats. Researchers showed that EVOO can prevent diseases associated with the aging process.

EVOO lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, helps prevent metabolic syndrome and effective fight against cancer.

Olive oil also helps the skin look younger. Laboratory studies showed olive oil has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and protect it from the effects of sunlight.

2. Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals function. Free radicals are unstable molecules that form in the metabolism and the stress response. Antioxidants change the structure of free radicals so they can not cause damage.

Green tea or green tea is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols that can cope with diabetes, insulin resistance, inflammation, and heart disease.

Polyphenols also help to protect collagen, the main protein of the skin. In one study, women who experience skin damage due to sun exposure were treated with a cream and green tea supplements for eight weeks increased skin elasticity.

3. Fish

The fat content in fish is a natural anti-aging. Omega-3 in fish is good for cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and digestive problems.

Salmon is a fish that can make your skin look younger.

4. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is more potent than the acai berry, blueberry, and cranberry. According to the study, chocolate can reduce blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, and improve function and arterial elasticity.

Individuals who ate dark chocolate with high flavanol content becomes slower burn the skin when in the sun.

5. Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Vegetables also contain antioxidants that help reduce the risk of heart disease, cataracts, and cancer.

Many vegetables are rich in vitamin C which is essential for the production of collagen and have a powerful antioxidant effect.

6. Pomegranates (pomegranates)

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits. The antioxidant content of pomegranate higher than green tea.

Pomegranate reduces inflammation, helps prevent damage from high blood sugar levels and help improve the health of patients with colon cancer. Pomegranates can also prevent skin damage due to sun exposure, repair damaged skin, and increase collagen production.

7. Avocado

Avocados will kayak unsaturated fats, as well, and some vitamins and minerals that are essential for health. Avocados contain a unique compound polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols that can treat inflammation, protect the skin from the sun and help repair damaged DNA.

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes have many health benefits, one of them because tomatoes contain lycopene.

A study involving women who eat a mix of foods rich in lycopene and other antioxidant foods have wrinkles on their skin is reduced in the 15 weeks that seem ageless.

Why Women Feel thirsty When Orgasm?

Hasil gambar untuk haus usai seksDrought in women in the sex activity not only in the vagina, even after achieving orgasms, women are more susceptible to dehydration mouth dryness.

Some women come to the doctor and flashed a dry mouth condition complaints to thirsty chronic. After making love, many of them immediately drink water with plenty of water quantity, but do not eliminate thirst with a heartbeat.

Citing medicineandsex page, Friday (05/06/2016) The of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that there are other possibilities that make women feel dry mouth and throat. The first cause comes from the heart rate and respiratory rate mouth due to contraction or euphoria during sex, making women more sweat and requires water.

Experts explain the cause of others came as a result of increased secretion of adrenaline orgasm. Where is the hormone produced by the body that cause tension, excitement, and fear that the secretion of saliva is affected and produce a dry mouth.

Not only dehydration that women feel after having sex, the condition of the body would hit them like feel cramping in the pelvis as a result of the contraction in the uterus.

Making love can indeed cause a variety of unusual conditions in the body. But the fact that orgasm is a wonderful thing and always coveted every woman


There is a growing assumption closely in communities where the food was tasty and delicious to be enjoyed will tend to be less healthy. Indeed, this assumption is debatable considering there are many healthy foods made from vegetables and fruits are also very delicious to eat. However, we do now have to be more selective in choosing groceries considering there are so many foods that are rich in bad cholesterol levels which can increase the risk of heart disease or stroke. What are some foods that contain high cholesterol levels?

Health expert Dr. Dr. Saptawati Bardosono, MSc, SpGK of FK Universitas Indonesia least make some list of foods rich in cholesterol. The most high-turns are quail eggs is much preferred by the community whether it be a side dish everyday food as well as a snack-shaped skewers. Noted, quail eggs have cholesterol levels of 3,640 mg per 100 grams. After quail eggs, cow's brain also has a very high cholesterol content, ie 2,300 mg for every 100 grams of this foodstuff. Afterwards, a delicious chicken egg yolk that it also has at least 2,000 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams. Scrumptious seafood squid that it also has 1,170 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams.

Some other foods that have high cholesterol but under 1,000 mg per 100 grams is Offal cow with 380 mg, butter or margarine with 300 mg, milk cow with 250 mg, coconut milk is widely used for food bersantan which is about 185 mg, to seafood scallops and shrimp around 160 mg. The surprise is, beef or mutton that we often think of as high cholesterol culprit turned out to have cholesterol levels that are much lower than quail eggs, ie 105 mg and 70 mg


shutterstock_219318250 copy

Everyone, both men and women, would expect a clean face, healthy, fresh and radiant all day. With a healthy and fresh faces, we certainly will get the confidence that much better. To be sure, we must be very clever to treat the face by cleaning it regularly. However, there is still no proper benchmark of how often we can clean the face every day. In fact, if we wash the face terlau frequently with soap, facial skin feared it would be more dull and dry.

Many people who do wash the skin with soap at least twice when they bathe and once before bed. However, health experts said if everyone has skin type is different and thus require different types of treatment also vary. For example, those who have a face that is very oily, so it is better to wash your face with soap at least three to four times a day. Meanwhile, if the oil content in the skin tends to mediocre, then three times washing with soap has been considered sufficient to keep the face. If we have skin that tends to dry, then we can reduce the frequency of cleaning up the face twice, and if necessary, we can use a moisturizer that can make your skin clean and fresh.

Facial skin is often exposed to chemicals soap feared could be damaged and cause skin problems like acne or rash redness. Seeing this, health experts also advised us to wash your face only as necessary and important to make sure if waking and before bed facial skin we are in a clean condition. However, if you do have a special treatment, like when you're dealing with pimples, then cleaning much more often will be allowed, provided that in accordance with the doctor's advice.

In addition to cleaning with soap, health experts also advise us to increase the intake of nutritious foods for the skin and also enough water so that the skin was ternutrisi well and will be more healthy, fresh, and clean



shutterstock_216984226 copy
When we hear the word coconut oil, then the first thing that would occur to us of course is an oil that can be used to cook food all day. Coconut oil is considered a healthy oil for consumption. But, you know, coconut oil was also able to bring good other than as one of the food maker. Now, many beauty experts are recommending coconut oil as one of the ingredients that can be used for body care.

Did you know, palm oil turned out to be one of the herbal ingredients to be very effective to treat rough skin on knees and elbows. Mix coconut oil with sea salt with a balanced ratio and use of this material as a scrub is applied to the whole body skin. Many beauty treatments are now taking this admixture as oil massage given the ability to remove dead skin cells and make the skin become more ternutrisi and humid. In addition as a mixture, coconut oil itself can be applied to the whole body before bathing. Use coconut oil that has been frozen for the therapy and after the entire body terolesi, wash with soap to almost smooth on the skin disappear. This trick will make the skin retain moisture and become healthier.

For the area of ​​the face, palm oil it can be used to clean make-up. Use cotton wool dibahasi warm coconut oil to swab to the face until all make-up successfully cleared. Afterwards, rinse your face with warm water until smooth taste on the skin disappear. The face will again clean and moisture the skin will be maintained. In addition, try to use coconut oil when applied to the eye area, especially at the bottom of the eye, every night before bed. This trick is believed to be able to make eye skin free from wrinkles and toned so it is not easy to slack.

Coconut oil can also be used to treat the hair. Warm coconut oil that has a liquid can be used after hair washed. Apply coconut oil is up to the rest of the hair and scalp and then let stand for five minutes. Before watering, try to use shampoo to wash back and then rinse thoroughly. This trick is believed to be able to make the scalp and hair retain moisture, and free from the problem of dandruff.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

13 How to Love Heart

13 How to Love Heart

Ingin memiliki jantung sehat, kita harus rutin melakukan aktivitas fisik dan mengubah pola hidup menjadi lebih sehat.
Heart failure has a risk of fatal in humans, but often people think about it too late. Quoted from WebMD on Monday (12/28/2015), here are some ways to keep your heart:

1. Observe Symptoms Every Day

If you suffer from heart disease, people must continue to observe the changes in her body. One of the easiest ways is to write every change that was, for example, wheezing, swollen hands and feet, or even coughing.

2. Physical exercise

Stay active. This is great if you have heart disease. Exercise can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and help you lose weight. Move his best, try 30 minutes of physical activity every day, 5 days a week. Exercise is good for the heart using a large-sized muscle groups such as legs. Try walking, biking, or swimming. Talk about it with your doctor if start a new fitness program, to know what is safe.

3. Control your blood pressure

Check the blood pressure every day. Bincangkanlah to your doctor about a personal blood pressure goal. How ideal is through a healthy lifestyle, although sometimes need to be assisted drug. Tell a doctor about changes in blood pressure.

4. Browse fluid intake

Ask the doctor if necessary to limit the amount of fluid intake per day. Remember, not just what you drink, but also ice, ice cream, hard candy, gelatin and soups. Weigh weight every morning. Rapid increase in weight can be a sign of fluid retention.

5. Eat healthy

Follow the complete diet. Presentation of fruit and vegetables roughly half the plate at every meal. Do not forget whole grains and low-fat products. Use sources of protein such as lean meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, and soy process. Stay away from solid fats, mashed grains, and sugar.

6. Note the salinity

The salt causes the body to retain fluids and can increase blood pressure, which can cause leg swelling or difficulty breathing. Do not cook with salt, do not also added to food before eating. Try seasoning without salt. Associated with canned food, look low in salt.

7. Watch your weight

Overweight force the heart work harder. Look for a possible way to achieve a healthy weight. Start with exercise and proper diet. Ask your doctor's opinion. Cholesterol and blood pressure will be improved with the right weight.

8. Control stress

The presence of heart disease can make people angry, depressed, or anxious. Anger or stress can lead to heart attacks. Look for ways to relieve anxiety and try to talk with someone close about what happened. Can also try meditation, yoga or deep breathing. Dokterun could be asked for help.

9. Stop smoking

Smokers or tobacco users should try to quit. Smoking can increase the likelihood of heart attacks. Smoking can increase blood pressure and damage the blood vessels where the flow of blood to the heart. In addition, try to avoid being a second hand smoker. Ask your doctor about how to stop and look for a support group for help.

10. Drinking cure

Sometimes lifestyle is not enough. People may need to be assisted with drugs, such as drugs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Or anticoagulated and even to the possible reduction of heart attacks. The right medicine can relieve the symptoms and eliminates stress on the heart.

11. Observe cholesterol

The high content of bad cholesterol, LDL, can lead to more heart problems. People should aim its content to less than 100 mg / dL. If you've ever terkenan heart attack or high risk, try aiming score lower than 70 mg / dL. The doctor may prescribe medication to keep these cholesterol levels.

12. Be wary of drinks

Talk to your doctor if the patient usually drink alcohol. Alcohol can weaken the heart and make it work harder. Research shows that the intake of drink small amounts of alcohol can increase good cholesterol, HDL. But, if it's too much, can add weight or raise blood pressure.

13. Regularly see a doctor

Keep an appointment with the doctor and explain about the symptoms experienced. Tell about the changes. Prepare yourself well, including by writing a list of questions to be asked, and record medications that are being taken. If unclear, ask for clarification.

3 Easy Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

3 Easy Ways to Lower Blood Pressure
High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, kidney, heart disease and dementia. In Indonesia alone, according to data Riskesdas 2013 showed there was 25.8 percent of patients with hypertension and 60 percent of them were not aware of experience and 80 percent do not control blood pressure.

To lower high blood pressure there are some things you can do. There is also an easy way to consume yogurt start to move in the morning sun. Learn, launch pages Prevention, Monday (09/05/2016).

1. Consumption of low-fat yogurt and sugar

People who consume one to six servings of yogurt low in sugar and fat for 14 years, tend to be 31 percent have high blood pressure than those who did not eat yogurt.

2. Enjoy the morning sun rays

By enjoying the sun rays in the morning for 15 minutes 3 times a week can keep levels of vitamin D in the body. And it can lower blood pressure naturally.

In a study by a professor of cardiology at Emory University School of Medicine, Arshed Quyyumi by maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels, blood pressure may drop. "This is because Vitamin D keeps the arteries more relaxed and improve function," said Quyyumi.

3. Get together with friends

Who would have thought loneliness can raise blood pressure by five points, based on studies in 2010. So it's important for you to maintain social relationships as well as it is spoken of researchers from the University of Chicago, USA, Louise Hawkley, PhD.

Protruding Navel Why Pregnant Women?

Protruding Navel Why Pregnant Women?

Ilustrasi Wanita Hamil (iStockphoto)
Have you ever noticed navel pregnant women tend to stand out?

The effect of pregnancy is explained by a gynecologist at Michigan State University, Nancy Herta, Md.D as a combination of pressure on the uterus and abdominal skin stretching.

"There are many sudden stretch in that area," jelasNancy.

Maternal weight may be increased gradually but the area of ​​the uterus is the organ that is very soft which continues to grow during pregnancy.

Interestingly, prominent navel does not happen to any pregnant woman. Jason James, M.D, medical director at FemCare Ob-Gyn, Miami said it happens in most women, usually in the first trimester, depending on the individual and her pregnancy.

"Some pregnant women do not experience it, and the navel will remain flat," he said, quoted from the pages of Glamour, Tuesday (10/05/2016).

Usually this is temporary. "Most women will be back to find her navel back into shape after giving birth. But the stretch during pregnancy can affect the shape and size of the navel," said James.

Horrified, There are 168 Chemicals Sticking Female Body

Horrified, There are 168 Chemicals Sticking Female Body

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You may never realize it. But over the years, women in particular, often using chemicals from cosmetics to toiletries.

You can imagine there are a lot of chemicals we use, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, scrubs, deodorant, body lotion, lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner, eye shadow, blusher, powder, foundation, concealer, sunscreen, nail polish , shaving cream, hair gel and serum that we can not escape until today.

An American study found that women use an average of 12 chemicals per day and men tend to use six chemical products per day. According to the researchers estimate, there are at least 168 chemicals that stick to the skin of women and 84 men chemicals on a daily basis.

It shows a concern dermatologist, Kiran Lohia. He estimates, chemicals that attach to the body is not completely secure. Because every eight of the 82,000 ingredients of personal care products contain harmful chemicals.

"There are carcinogens, which cause cancer. Neurotoxins, which affect brain development. The toxins that affect the reproductive system, endocrine disruptor, affecting hormones as well as plasticizers, which are used to soften the concrete and make plastics flexible PVC," he said, as quoted by Indiatimes, Saturday ( 05.07.2016).

A non-profit institutions engaged in the field of environment, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) give a warning about the harmful ingredients contained in makeup and personal care products.

The group conducted research in 2000, they tested nail polish from 27 different companies and found that some ddiantara material nail polish contained phthalate dibutyl (DBP can cause reproductive disorders lifetime in male mice and has been shown to damage the testes, prostate gland, epididymus, penis and the seminal vesicles in animals. this chemical is also claimed to be able to trigger birth defects in children.

Here EWG warns of hazardous chemicals such as

1. Phthalates

Scientific studies found that exposure to phthalates can cause reproductive abnormalities in male infants, reduces testosterone and sperm quality in men and early puberty in girls. Ironically, these are often listed chemicals in personal care products such as perfume.

2. Formaldehyde

Some chemicals cosmetics designed to react with the water in the bottle to produce a preservative to keep the product from the growth of fungi and bacteria. But formaldehyde is carcinogenic strong allergen-causing cancer. Where did you find it? Shampoo, conditioner, soap and personal care products-even more aimed at children.

3. Paraben

Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetic products. A study conducted by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health found that one type of parabens can cause fertility problems in women. Read the packaging carefully and if there is content such as propyl paraben derivatives paraben, ethylparaben, isopropylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben.

4. Triclosan and triclocarban

Triclosan is a chemical that kills bacteria often found in liquid soap, bath soap, laundry soap and other household goods. Unfortunately, these chemicals have been shown to interfere with thyroid and sex hormones signal the male and female. While triclocarban, the active ingredient found in antibacterial soaps tekait with reproductive abnormalities in animals when laboratory tests.

5. Retinyl palmitate and retinoic acid

Retinoic acid is often used in anti-aging skin creams. However, American scientists found that these chemicals accelerate the development of cancerous lesions on the skin is exposed to sunlight.

6. Formaldehyde or formaldehyde

Some hair straighteners for smoothing and so on, usually have a 10 percent pure formaldehyde. Scientific advisory board has warned cosmetic formaldehyde-based hair straighteners have since thought to trigger cancer.

Cosmetic, Toxin Most Close to Women?

Cosmetic, Toxin Most Close to Women?

Kosmetik menjadi hal yang tidak dapat dijauhkan oleh para wanita. Namun, bahan di dalam kosmetik diduga menjadi toksin yang berbahaya.
Many women use cosmetics to beautify the face. But many people think of cosmetics contain dangerous chemicals that may be absorbed by the skin and affect health.

Important to remember that the skin absorbs chemicals or some of the content of drugs turned out to have a good function. As quoted by page News Press, Tuesday (05/10/2016) Food and Drug Administration does not necessarily require the entire cosmetics companies to test the safety of their products. Therefore, there are only 11 ingredients prohibited in the United States in particular.

However, as many as 1,000 substances prohibited for use in cosmetic ingredients in Europe. It shows that the needs and safety of ingredients in cosmetics may vary throughout the world, tailored to skin type and weather of their respective regions.

Overall the Food and Drug Administration also revealed that the ingredients in the lotion, powder, lipstick, nail polish, sunscreen and fragrance chemicals can disrupt the endocrine system also disrupt the hormone system of women. There are also some materials (not mentioned) are believed to have health effects on the nervous system.

Environmental Working Group estimates that each woman uses 12 cosmetic products daily and while men averaged only use no more than six products in a day. This allows the woman's body, especially the skin, received as many as 80 kinds of chemicals every day.

So, whether for cosmetic toxin to your body every day? There is no definitive answer to this. But you need to read and know the ingredients contained in the products. Moreover, during only use products out of the body and do not put it in your mouth, you'll be fine.

Stretching Simple Tips in Office

Stretching Simple Tips in Office

Gerakan peregangan berikut ini dapat meringankan rasa nyeri ataupun pegal saat duduk kelamaan atau perjalanan jauh
Sitting at the computer for hours every day at risk of serious health problems. The risk of lower back pain and arm pain tends to lurk those who sit too long in office.

According to a study, staring at a computer screen for hours making us burn 120 to 140 calories less than the previous generation. Individuals who sit too long at risk of obesity.

One way around that is by doing simple stretching. These stretching exercises will loosen the tension of the body and just needed some time to do so. Simple movements such as sitting and standing can be done for circulation.

As he got or was about to sit down, we tend to use a helping hand to rest on a table or chair. This time try to sit and stand up unaided hands altogether. Although it looks simple, this movement can be a challenge.

In order to not be the center of attention, you can do so while receiving or calling a friend or client. You can listen to more clearly standing exercises and sitting in impressions Be Healthy following:

How Much Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

How Much Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

Simak manfaat-manfaat mengkonsumsi air putih hangatSome of you may already know, drinking water can help you lose weight. But is it just a drink alone could help with your weight?

According to WebMD Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Michael Smith, in fact, drinking water can actually realize your dream for the ideal stature.

"Drink one percent more water, will prevent you consume a lot of calories. And again, you will also benefit from drinking can reduce saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol," he said, as quoted by WebMD, Tuesday (05/10/2016 ).

According to Smith, one cup is more than recommended will save 68 calories. And drank three cups of extras, will cut the intake of 205 kalori- number of calories you put out after walking two and a half miles.

Nevertheless, he said, does not mean you can eat more because drinking water can also make full. A study published in the journal Obesity has also been found that drinking two glasses of water or a medium-size equivalent to 500 ml approximately 30-60 minutes before meals to lose weight.

Fresh juice for People with High Uric Acid Levels

Fresh juice for People with High Uric Acid Levels

Dikenal kaya Vitamin C, buah berdaging kuning ini punya manfaat lainnya.
High levels of uric acid or hyperuricemia is an excess of uric acid in the blood, which, when left alone at risk of gout. Living a healthy diet is recommended to help control the levels of uric acid.

To control uric acid in the body there is a delicious juice menu is good for people with high uric acid. The juice is a blend of pineapple and ginger.

Here's the recipe book Preparations Healthy citing published Efficacious Drug Research and Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine Balitbangkes, MoH RI on Tuesday (03/05/2016).

150 grams of pineapple cut into pieces
200 ml of cold boiled water
1 vertebra ginger
1 lemon, squeeze the water grab
shaved ice

How to make
1. Mix ingredients together except the shaved ice. Blend and strain.
2. Add ice cubes shaved.

Extraordinary Benefits Without Sleep Pillow For Health

Already berkualitaskah sleep activity that you do every day ... ???. In this case can fall asleep and sleep soundly the night that you do. So the activities you do in the morning to run smoothly and in accordance with the wishes. One of the tips that you can do is to sleep without a pillow. Then there any exceptional benefits we can get out of bed without a pillow for health ... ???

Friend, health tips. It turned out to sleep without a pillow, a lot of benefits that you can get to health. So it is recommended that you do sleep activity without using a pillow. One of them is getting quality sleep. This time it will address health tips about tremendous benefits to sleep without a pillow for your health. Health tips, the following extraordinary benefits to sleep without a pillow for your health:
  1. By sleeping without pillows will make you look more youthful or in other words to prevent premature aging. This is because, those of you who do not use a pillow in his sleep, it will not be pressing his face to the pillow that can leave fine wrinkles on your face.
  2. You will get quality sleep every night if you do not use a pillow. This is because your body will be in normal circumstances and not high side such as when you use a pillow when sleeping.
  3. Sleeping without a pillow turned out very good health of your spine. This is because, when using a pillow while sleeping, the backbone will have a change of location and can cause low back pain in the morning.
  4. By sleeping without a pillow was found to straighten your spine. This is because. when you sleep without a pillow, then the position of the bones will be in place as well as the corresponding straight proper position. For that reason, it is recommended not to use a pillow when you sleep.

Here's 7 Easy Tips for Keeping Bones Stay Healthy

Keep your body healthy is one of the most important things we must do. In this case perform a variety of business and how to stay healthy in a constant state. Although sometimes we are not able to avoid the name sakit.Salah one thing we must guard his health is our bones. Then there any easy tips to keep our bones healthy ... ???

Friend, health tips. With age a person, then the impact on bone health in the body. One bone health problems that may be familiar to us, namely osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a reduction in bone density and may lead to the bones become brittle and break easily. Health tips this time will present a discussion that might be very useful to you in order to keep your bones healthy. Health tips, following 7 easy tips to keep bones healthy:
  1. First tip is to avoid a variety of drinks which can result in reduced bone calcium content. One of the drinks in question are a fizzy drink or soda.
  2. Vitamin D sufficiency that is in need to protect your bone health. Vitamin D can be obtained from vegetables, green colored and broccoli.
  3. Drinking milk is one of the easy tips to protect your bone health. This is because the content of the milk that is needed by our bones like calcium, vitamin D, protein, phosphorus and potassium.
  4. Regular exercise is one of the easy tips to protect your bone health. In this case walking or running in the morning is one of the activities that we can do to protect your bone health. This is because exercise can strengthen all your muscles and bones.
  5. By leaving some bad habits that you might do that could undermine the health of your bones. In this case smoking and alcohol are bad habits that can lower your bone mass.
  6. Sunlight is one source of vitamin D for your bones need. Basking in the sunshine in the morning for about 15 minutes can help activate provitamin D into vitamin D in your skin.
  7. Consuming onion and garlic is one of the tips that we can do to protect your bone health. This is because both herbs are often contained sulfur which is necessary for the health of your bones.

Here's 7 Tips To Get More Sleep Quality

Friend, health tips. Sleep is a routine activity can rest your mind and soul. But many of us are ignoring the hours of sleep he had. This is due to various factors such as a task that had been piling up, playing games or browsing the internet and other activities. Therefore, it is very difficult to get quality sleep for your health. Then, how to get quality sleep .... ???

Many of the results that may result from the reduced hours of sleep you have. Problems with weight, less vibrant, troubled heart and body are susceptible to various diseases is the impact of the lack of hours of your daily sleep. So the importance of quality sleep tips you should know. Friend, health tips. Health tips, the following 7 tips for a better quality of your sleep:
  1. Try doing morning sports activities regularly. This is because, Sports do you do each morning will help you to fall asleep faster at night. So sleep quality can be obtained very easily.
  2. Try to create a regular schedule for your bed every night. By creating a schedule for bedtime, then automatically you can get quality sleep easily anyway.
  3. Try not to consume food that is too filling your stomach at the time of going to sleep. This is because, very full stomach too will lead to difficulty sleeping. A light dinner are strongly advised to make you a better quality night's sleep.
  4. Try to turn off the lights of your bedroom before you go to bed at night. With the room lights were extinguished will make you sleep more soundly. So the quality sleep you will be able to fulfill.
  5. Try not to bring cell phones or mobile phones in your bed. So you will not do activities like calling someone or had an sms with someone who can disturb your sleep clock. So sleep quality can easily be achieved by distance or mobile phone from your bed.
  6. If you are someone who is always associated with the computer, we recommend that you turn off your computer when your sleep schedule has arrived. But advised to rest the brain and mind for half an hour before you go to bed. So that your mind is quiet and you sleep more soundly and getting quality sleep anyway.
  7. The seventh step to get quality sleep is to recognize your habits before bed. So you will be easier to prepare everything to be able to sleep on time and get to sleep anyway berkualita.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Beware, Overrated Sleep Stroke Risk

Beware, Overrated Sleep Stroke Risk

 Lantas seperti apa sakit kepala yang berbahaya?

An American study found the adverse effects of oversleeping. According to scientists, sleep more than seven to eight hours may increase the risk of stroke.

As reported Mirror, Sunday (02/21/2016), a previous study showed that those who slept seven to eight hours and regular exercise can reduce the risk of illness. But this new research back to reveal another fact.

"People who sleep more than eight hours had a 146 percent risk of suffering a stroke," the researchers said.

Researchers from New York University School of Medicine is scheduled to present their findings at the International Stroke Conference of the American Stroke Association in Los Angeles.

According to the researchers, this study involved more than 100,000 people in the UK who have a stroke each year. Because this disease is the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. The researchers also added a computerized analysis of data from 288 888 adults who participated in the survey in 2004-2013.

"The team assesses a sample of several factors including health, lifestyle, age and ethnicity. As a result, those who slept longer but often walking, swimming, cycling or gardening tends to avoid the disease or 25 percent risk of stroke is smaller. Meanwhile, those who sleep more of eight hours of inactivity at high risk of suffering a stroke. Often slept less than seven hours also 22 percent risk of stroke, "said the researcher.

In the study, researchers concluded enough sleep should be coupled with regular leisure activities such as walking or cycling for 30-60 minutes six times per week. This step significantly reduces the risk of stroke.


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