Impact of smoking bad for woman

shutterstock_216024766 copySmoking is a bad habit that uniquely tends synonymous with the customs men. Whereas, in reality, there are many women who also smoke even though it is the numbers are still inclined slightly. Both men and women will have adverse health effects if used to smoke, let alone the level is quite heavy. For women alone, there are many negative effects of smoking such as the following.

The first thing that can be obtained by women who smoke is the possibility of teeth would be unhealthy. The nicotine content of cigarettes will make the teeth are stained, yellow, and even damage to the colors black and porous. In some cases, teeth can even be dated and eventually cause gum problems and even risky to oral cancer. Women will no longer able to give the best smile if your teeth and mouth healthy because no smoking.

In addition to the oral and dental problems, women who smoke are also at risk of losing an aura of beauty. Health experts said if the toxic content of cigarettes would be very effective to make premature aging even more quickly. For example, an increasingly dull skin and many wrinkles will appear on her face. Health experts said if the average woman who smokes will look much older 1.4 years compared with those who do not smoke. The nicotine content of cigarettes will make the blood circulation to the skin is inhibited so that the skin is no longer bright, healthy, and chewy. Carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke are also believed to meet the blood and eventually make your skin drier and lose color and natural light. In some cases, many women smokers will also get eye bags so big that his face will continue to look tired.

The content of cigarettes is also believed to make women's hair thinning. Free radicals from cigarettes will make the hair follicles will be damaged DNA so that the loss will easily occur. In some cases, women will also be easier graying when smoked. Given these facts, it should women avoid cigarette smoke, is not it?


  1. fortunately I am not a smoker eheheheh good articel, makasi makasi infonya


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