This is 5 Benefits of Smile to Your Health

Have you smiled today ... ???. If not, maybe it's good, you do it now and you can do activities to smile more often at the proper time and place. A smile is an activity that is most easily done by humans and have huge benefits for the health of our body and soul. Then, what benefits can we derive from the smile on our health .... ???

Friend, health tips. There are so many benefits that can be obtained from the smile to the health of body and soul. By doing activities smiled able to improve our immune system. But that's not the hidden benefits of the activity smile. Health tips this time will address an article about the health benefits of a smile for you. Friend, health tips, this 5 smiles benefits for your health:
  1. Benefits smile it can make you feel better than ever and is also able to increase your heart suasanan. Therefore, try to always smile when you feel the sorrow and positive thinking to everything you experience that you feel much better and become someone who always think positive and do not become a big hit because of the sorrow.
  2. Benefits smiling next is able to eliminate stress in your life while undergoing strenuous activity and your mind throughout the day. Do activities to smile for one or two minutes to remove the stress at the time and the proper place.
  3. The third smiled benefits that can boost your immune system. This is because, when you smile your body will feel more relaxed so your body resistance will increase as the activity you are doing the smile.
  4. Benefits fourth smile that can eliminate the pain experienced by your body. This is because, when you smile it will trigger increased endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that can naturally relieve pain experienced by your body.
  5. Benefits fifth smiling will make you look more youthful and healthy looks slightly more. This is because, when you smile, the muscles of your face will be lifted so that will make you will look more youthful.


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