Danger Osteoporosis in Elderly Men

Has a lot of resources or health article that discusses the reduction of bone density or osteoporosis among women, especially women who have undergone menopause. Many of the impacts caused by osteoporosis which then makes people realize the importance of maintaining bone health. But did you know osteoporosis among men is no less dangerous to the woman?
One of the three cases of fracture turned out to be about men and 37% of male mortality associated with fractures Unfortunately, osteoporosis-related health promotion is still focused on the woman.
In the United States, the rate of osteoporosis in men is expected to increase by 51.8% from 2010 to 2030, whereas osteoporosis in women decreased by 3.5%. The data shows that health promotion related to osteoporosis has not yet reached among men.
Peter Ebeling, MD, president of the Endocrine Society of Australia said the number of deaths due to broken bones bigger men than women. The mortality rate after 12 months of the occurrence of hip fractures in men is 37% while 20% of women.
Moreover, the actual bone fractures caused by osteoporosis among men more common than prostate cancer.
So what are the risk factors that can make a man more susceptible to osteoporosis?
Drinking alcoholic beverages
Low levels of vitamin D
Family history of osteoporosis in
Certain drugs, such as:
Treatment of prostate cancer which affects the hormone
Anti-seizure medications
The antidepressant types Selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
Why in men higher risk of death after suffering a broken bone? The reason remains unclear. However predicted this has to do with the infection and heart and blood vessel disease increased after a fracture.


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