Drinking cold water Uterus Causes Dry?

We understand the concerns that you feel. Earlier, let us explain how the process of fertilization. According to the study, at least only about 85% of married couples will conceive within one year of first marriages and 92% in the second year of marriage. Someone new can be said to have primary infertility problems (infertility) if it meets the following criteria, namely: not to have children after 1 year of regular sexual intercourse (2-3x / week) without using contraception. Cold water itself is medically nothing to do with the trouble of getting a baby. For that, let us explain about how to get a baby tips.
To get a descent, you should have sexual intercourse at the right time. The right time for sexual intercourse in order to quickly get a descent is the time of ovulation (fertile period). Ovulation is an event where the egg out of the ovary and is ready to be fertilized by sperm. The timing of ovulation can be estimated at about 2 weeks before the onset of the next menstrual period if you are menstruating regularly. Once issued, the egg can survive for 24 hours, while sperm that has been issued can survive 48-72 hours, it is recommended you have sexual intercourse two days before until two days after the estimated time of ovulation. If you are irregular menstruation, to calculate the fertile period in women with irregular menstrual cycles should be viewed from 6 menstrual cycles. Record the number of days in a menstrual cycle for 6 months. Number 6 times the shortest day of the menstrual cycle minus 18. This count determines the first day of the fertile period. The number of days during the sixth longest menstrual cycle minus 11. This count determines the last day of fertile period.
The following calculation formula exists:
The first day of the fertile period = Number of days the shortest - 18
The last day of fertile period = Number of days the longest - 11
Therefore, to increase the likelihood of conception, we recommend to have sex regularly, 3-4x / week, especially during ovulation.
It should also be noted:
Stop all activities that are less well if Mom wants to get pregnant.
Avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol (including her husband).
Avoid consumption of drugs including OTC, according to The Center for Disease Control (CDC), women planning to become pregnant are encouraged to consume vitamin B in an amount sufficient folic acid and 400 micrograms / day in order to reduce the risk of impaired brain development embryo.
Know your fertile period, and do intercourse 3x / week with the missionary position (man on top).
Sperm out after sex is normal. It does not affect fertility and conception because the sperm counts there may still get into the fallopian tube and attached to the egg within 72 hours after intercourse do.
If you have taken steps as above and the results obtained in normal circumstances, but still not get the offspring, be patient and keep trying and praying to Him. We wish you and your husband may soon be awarded the baby.
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