Important Role of Glycemic Index (GI) in the Diet

In accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO), in 2005, globally there are approximately 1.6 billion adults were overweight or overweight and 400 million are categorized as obese. In 2015, cases of obesity predicted to be double of that figure. Do not underestimate obesity, because according to a new study at the University of Oslo in Norway, 21 percent of the 424 500 adults in Asia, Australia and New Zealand who are overweight are at risk of dying of cancer than people with normal weight.
To avoid obesity, certainly needed a healthy diet. Have managed to implement the diet, but they can not keep? A new study from Denmark suggested that you be eating high protein and low in refined carbohydrates or now more commonly known as low-glycemic index (GI). Bread wheat is an example of a low-GI foods are best for your consumption
What is the glycemic index (GI)?
According to Dr. Thomas Meinert Larsen -rekan author of this Danish study-in the New England Journal of Medicine, the glycemic index (GI) is a measure of the ability of carbohydrates to increase blood sugar, anything containing low-GI can cause increased blood run slower.
Larsen found, strong satiating effect and regulation of blood sugar more balanced could be the reason why food with high protein and low-GI can make more controlled weight after dieting.
The study involved 938 adults with a body mass index (BMI) by an average of 34, which is considered as obese. There are 773 people from the figure has managed to carry out the initial stages of weight loss well. After that they were assigned to one of five maintenance plan different weight:
Diets low in protein (13% of energy) and high GI
Diets low in protein and low-GI
Diets high in protein (25% of energy) and low-GI
Diets high in protein and high GI
Control group, where they receive no special diet duties
The results showed that GI has an important role here, people who follow a low protein diet with a high GI or to have to get back weighed more than those who follow the way of maintenance with the low-GI diet.
There is great controversy about the role of glycemic index in general and in particular the treatment of obesity. However, this study provides strong evidence to support the importance of the concept of a low glycemic index. In essence, the way is simply by replacing foods that contain a lower carbohydrate, and what matters more is by not making the carbohydrate foods to be the only food you eat then.
You can add your healthy diet with foods containing high protein and vegetables. High protein here is not in the form of large pieces of ribs for 16 ounces, or protein foods are very high as popularized in some products low-carb diet, but rather leads to foods and beverages high protein natural, such as yoghurt without flavor are low in fat and high in protein , low fat cheese, a small piece of meat and chicken, or turkey fried with vegetables and whole wheat pasta.


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