3 Type Diet for High Cholesterol Patients

You do not need to bother to go on a diet. Because these are three types of diets that you can choose to lower cholesterol.
1. Mediterranean Diet
By doing this diet, you will eat what the people in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea did for centuries: fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, lean meat, and olive oil.
Scientific Evidence: Scientific research shows this diet is very good for heart health.
Many doctors use this diet for people with high cholesterol. The fact that this diet is not a trend, but a diet with a choice of menu that tastes good, and flexible dosing. Diet is also adaptable to the patient's eating habits, making it easier to share the outcomes on the patient.
2. TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes)
This diet is one of three parts, namely therapy, diet, exercise, and weight control. This combination can lower your LDL cholesterol by 20% to 30%.
To live, you have to say goodbye to foods containing trans fats and avoid foods with saturated fat. However, you will not feel deprived eating a delicious meal.
Because you will still eat your favorite foods, only healthy versions without extra fat, butter, margarine and other additives that contain trans fats and saturated fats. Examples such as meat has the lean, sauteed kale replace cooking oil with olive oil, and others.
3. The DASH Diet
This diet is easy to diikut, this diet has received certification from the American Heart Association and is proven to lower blood pressure.
This diet works quickly. In one study, people with high cholesterol and blood pressure to get results within 2 weeks.
You will eat foods such as grains, fruits, and vegetables, which provide fiber and other nutrients. And you'll get lean protein from low-fat dairy products, nuts, and fish.
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