Chocoate can relieve cough?

shutterstock_126158777 (1) copyThese days pretty much cough disease outbreaks in various regions. Besides, due to changes in weather that could take quite extreme in recent years, a less healthy lifestyle is also a trigger number of people affected by the disease cough. To resolve this cough, we can use some drugs made from natural ingredients. One is from food that we never expected so far, namely chocolate.

Health expert Professor Alyn Morice from the University of Hull, UK, says that chocolate actually has the ability to relieve cough. Indeed, this statement includes quite a surprise, however, Morice who is also the head of health research in the field of respiratory kadriovaskular and mentions if there have been studies that took place over the years and found a relationship between the mechanism of cough with chocolate consumption.

He said if the medicines that contain chocolate will be very good in making faster cough subsided and can trigger sleep much more soundly. In fact, Morice claims if medicines containing ingredients of chocolate can cure cough in just two days, faster than the conventional cough medicines. This is because chocolate contains theobromine which turned out to be a positive effect in suppressing cough. In fact, theobromine according to researchers from Imperial College London will be much more potent in relieving cough than cough medicines contain conventional, codeine. Brown seeds itself turned out to have a positive ability in reducing irritation or inflammation and texture of chocolate tend to be sticky it can provide protection to the nerve endings in the throat which is prone to coughing.

Only, not necessarily hot chocolate we consume and ultimately can reduce cough. Hot chocolate liquor did not touch directly on the throat and protecting it. Instead of drinking hot chocolate, health experts said if eating or sucking candy bars that are low in sugar will effectively decrease the cough.


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