Tips for Conducting Successful Diet Food Combining

Tips for Conducting Successful Diet Food Combining

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By doing a food combining diet, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and an ideal weight that you want through food. But of course you have to understand the ground rules.

Food combining departing from the realization that our bodies require different time to digest different types of foods. The combination of improper diet, or have the time digestibility much different, can cause food to remain in the gut. This can lead to abdominal bloating, indigestion is not smooth, and the body of work is not optimal.

As reported by the Health, Monday (09/05/2016), here's tips on successful food combining:

1. Eat fruits first

Fruits will be digested optimally when consumed alone, it is because fruits contain simple sugars that hardly need to digest. Combine it with other foods will interfere with the smooth digestion.

Similarly, if you eat fruit after a meal, sugar from the fruit will settle in the stomach and fermented for tercernanya be a long process.

2. Try not to eat protein and carbohydrates at the same

As described previously, carbs and protein will produce enzymes that mutually cancel out the effect of each other. This will make your food took so long to undigested and causes fermentation in your gut.

To remedy this, try to combine proteins with calorie-free vegetables, such as green vegetables, carrots and carrot. Carbohydrates also you can consume with vegetables, or foods with vegetable protein, such as tofu and tempeh.

3. Eat melons and watermelons on an empty stomach

Have you ever felt the bloating by eating melons and watermelons after a heavy meal? Definitely your stomach feels full of gas, blood glucose decreased slightly, accompanied by a little nausea.

This is because, not only melon and watermelon is a fruit-which means it must be consumed individually, but they also have a different digestive process with other sweet foods. In order to optimally digest, eat watermelon and melon on an empty stomach.

4. Eat more green vegetables

Green vegetables arguably is the best food for humans. Not only contain many vitamins and minerals, such as amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), vitamin B, magnesium, iron, and fiber, these foods are also suitable combined with all kinds of food. Therefore, it is good to always include green vegetables menu of your meals each day.

5. Fat is good

Although fats and oils according to the different types of food, except fruit, still, its consumption should be limited, because they are full of calories and it took a long time to be digested perfect. Therefore, always give a gap of 4-5 hours between meals you when menu in it contains fat.

6. Distance Time

Because each food takes a different time to digest, for sure you leave enough time for that all the food out of the stomach, and reduce the bad effects.

Here's a time limit between the consumption of foods that can not be integrated properly.
- A heavy meal two hours after eating fruit
- Eat protein three hours after eating carbohydrates
- And eat carbohydrate-four hours after eating protein.


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