7 Important Facts Regarding Migraine

Many people still mistakenly regarding migraine. There are headaches, and then declared it a migraine when migraines are not regular headaches. Not to mention the lack of information about the content of foods that can trigger a migraine. Well, to increase knowledge about migraines, you can read the following seven important facts:
1. Migraine attack on one side of the head.
60% of migraine sufferers will experience headaches and pulsating. In addition to headache, most migraine sufferers may also experience an aura before the attack, the symptoms such as visual disturbances (such as pain at the sight of light) or other sensory function disorder.
2. Cheese cedar can trigger migraines.
Some foods that contain tyramine can trigger a migraine. Therefore, be careful with all sorts of old cheese, processed meats, and fermented foods such as soy sauce. If you feel that certain foods can cause migraines, immediately protected from the daily menu.
3. Medications can not cure migraine headaches.
There are some medications that can relieve headaches migraine. However, migraine drugs usually do not relieve other types of headaches.
4. Women are more at risk of developing migraines.
Did you know that about three out of four migraine sufferers are women? Whereas in men, migraine often occurs in the period before puberty.
5. The age, will be increasingly rare migraine recurrence.
For most people, migraine peaked when they were aged between 35 and 40 years old. On top of that age, migraine began rarely recur even not hurt as much as usual. But the case does not apply to women who are experiencing perimenopause, due to hormonal changes can trigger migraines occur more frequently.
6. Migraines can be caused by genetic factors.
If one of your parents suffer from migraines, you run the risk of migraine up to 50%. Meanwhile, if both parents have the migraine, you run the risk of migraine up to 75%.
7. Migraine linked to heart disease and stroke.
Migraine sufferers more susceptible to heart disease and stroke. For women who frequently experience migraine with aura, should avoid the use of birth control pills because it can cause blood vessel disorders. Prevent early with a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and regular blood pressure check.


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