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Monday, May 2, 2016

10 sentences wise that you should immediately tell your child

  • As parents, there must be a lot of things that you want to teach the children. As adults, we have learned a lot of experience in the course of our lives and we want to protect children from pain or obstacles that may mislead them. Therefore, here are ten words of wisdom that every parent should teach their children.
  • Any difficulties will certainly pass

    Parents need to give an understanding to the children that each of the difficulties being experienced by someone surely will have no end. It is very important, so that someday when the kids were having a struggle, they may believe that it is not the end of the world.
  • Enjoy your childhood

    Children need to understand that when they grow up, then his life will change drastically. Various kinds of burdens and responsibilities will make them want to relive their childhood. Therefore, while the kids are still little tell them to enjoy childhood sepuasanya, because the time will never happen again.
  • Enjoy every event in life, as if it was your last

    Reassure your children to try as best as possible to enjoy every opportunity in life. Do not let them waste it, because life only lasts one to everyone.
  • A mistake was reasonable

    Making mistakes is part of life. Therefore, when your child make mistakes do not necessarily scolded. However, guide them to learn from those mistakes and then learn to be more careful in order to become better.
  • Appreciate life

    Teach children to love life. Guide them in order not to let the negative things to master life. Educate them to be able to think positively and to love others.
  • Never give up achieve your dream

    Tell your child, "If you have ideals, never allow someone or something denied." Ideals are for those who believe, and you should be firm and should not give up. When all the effort that you did not seem to work out, try to reevaluate and then try to make it happen the other way.
  • Your friend will come and go

    Currently your friends may seem everything, but ten years from now many of them will move and continue life in order to meet the future. Therefore, encourage your children to not rely too much on their companions. Help your child to be able to consider one or two companions that could potentially be a true friend.
  • Do not be easily tempted by earthly things

    Give understanding to the children that they will experience the phases of life. Sometimes, these phases were forcing them to be involved in worldly affairs are able to plunge. Therefore, help the children to strengthen their strongholds, so the things of the world are negative are not easily shake them.
  • Laugh and rejoice

    Help your child to be able to find joy through their own efforts, and help them laugh by creating jokes healthy.
  • Speak

    Familiarize the children to express directly if they have an opinion. Do not teach them to live in fear, but help them to have a good self-confidence and teach them to be brave.

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