Cosmetic, Toxin Most Close to Women?

Cosmetic, Toxin Most Close to Women?

Kosmetik menjadi hal yang tidak dapat dijauhkan oleh para wanita. Namun, bahan di dalam kosmetik diduga menjadi toksin yang berbahaya.
Many women use cosmetics to beautify the face. But many people think of cosmetics contain dangerous chemicals that may be absorbed by the skin and affect health.

Important to remember that the skin absorbs chemicals or some of the content of drugs turned out to have a good function. As quoted by page News Press, Tuesday (05/10/2016) Food and Drug Administration does not necessarily require the entire cosmetics companies to test the safety of their products. Therefore, there are only 11 ingredients prohibited in the United States in particular.

However, as many as 1,000 substances prohibited for use in cosmetic ingredients in Europe. It shows that the needs and safety of ingredients in cosmetics may vary throughout the world, tailored to skin type and weather of their respective regions.

Overall the Food and Drug Administration also revealed that the ingredients in the lotion, powder, lipstick, nail polish, sunscreen and fragrance chemicals can disrupt the endocrine system also disrupt the hormone system of women. There are also some materials (not mentioned) are believed to have health effects on the nervous system.

Environmental Working Group estimates that each woman uses 12 cosmetic products daily and while men averaged only use no more than six products in a day. This allows the woman's body, especially the skin, received as many as 80 kinds of chemicals every day.

So, whether for cosmetic toxin to your body every day? There is no definitive answer to this. But you need to read and know the ingredients contained in the products. Moreover, during only use products out of the body and do not put it in your mouth, you'll be fine.


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