5 Myths About Skin Care

Not a few ways of care which we all know is the wrong turns. Do not be surprised if it had been diligent in washing the face, but the acne still appear. Do not be surprised if the number of times the effort, the skin is still not show the desired results.
It could be on the way to clean the face that is still not quite right. It may be that there are habits of your facial treatment that proved to be a wrong move.
Well, that is not excessive and can get healthy skin without forwarding the wrong habits, here's some information that can be useful to correct the false perception most people care about the face.
Fact: If the skin does not feel fresh and supple, you may wash with soap ingredients too harsh. The main goal is to expel face wash stain causing bacteria, remove the remnants of makeup, oil, and dead cells.
However, the substance of which the cleaning habit too hard or washing your face too often can clarify the fine lines and trigger acne.
Here are some myths and facts other facial treatments that you ought to know:
The next myth is that many have the notion that cosmetic products sold in pharmacies are less effective
In fact:
A study says that the product is as effective mass (sometimes even more effective) with expensive products. Moreover, the majority of anti-aging drugs, regardless of where they are sold, containing the same. The materials contained usually are:
alpha hydroxy acids,
peptides, and
antioxidants (such as vitamin C and green tea).
Myth: anti-aging cream will make the face worse
Fact: The use of retinoids can reduce wrinkles, lines and even acne, but indeed may cause irritation in some people. To overcome this, apply a retinoid 20-30 minutes after washing your face and make sure the skin is completely dry.
Or more safe, consult first with your doctor before using such products are.
Myth: After age 40, the SPF is no longer important
Fact: Never underestimate the sun and its effects on the skin.
Why is that?
Experts say that the skin damage from the sun does not happen when someone on vacation to the beach, but from everyday activities such as shopping or take a little walk out of the house. For full protection, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above.
The following facts vs. myths about skin care:
Myth: If the product does not work quickly, immediately replace
Fact: menggonta replace the product every few weeks is not a good thing. Mark G. Rubin, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of California suggest someone to wait eight to 10 weeks before deciding to try other products. Keep in mind when someone works differently skin until the results are certainly varied.


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