Tips for Choosing Calcium Supplements

Calcium derived from the food we consume daily is an excellent natural calcium. Keep in mind that there is no significant difference between taking calcium from food or from supplements of calcium. So if you are not confident to meet the needs of daily calcium in the diet, there is no harm in adding a calcium supplement in the daily menu. Choose a calcium supplement suitable and appropriate for your calcium needs.
Can we get calcium from food alone without having to take supplements?
Sure, but you should be careful. Make sure the amount of calcium that is on your menu as needed. Most people still consume less calcium and failed to meet daily calcium needs. And this is where the presence of calcium supplements may be an option solution.
The higher the dose of a calcium supplement better?
Our bodies can only absorb 500 mg of calcium in one drink. So, if the dosage that the body needs us more than that, we can divide the dose into several times drink. However, if the daily menu already contains calcium, calcium supplement doses can be reduced.
Is it dangerous if consumed excessive calcium?
According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the daily amount of calcium that dkonsumsi should not meelebihi 1500mg. Excess calcium is excreted through the kidneys. For some people who have a tendency to have kidney stones, it may increase the risk of kidney stone formation.
What if calcium supplementation combined with other additives?
Of the few studies that exist, there are substances that will help the absorption of calcium itself better. These substances include vitamin D, soy protein and soy isoflavones
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