Alert, Smoking Lowers Sperm Quality Male

Smoking is already known by many as an act that may be detrimental to health. Smoking, but can affect the health of the body, it also can affect sperm quality.
You need to know the factors that affect the quality of sperm is good is quantity, motility, and sperm shape itself. Here's the explanation:
quantity Sperm
A man normally produces at least 15 million / mm sperm in one ejaculation. Too few sperm produced during ejaculation causes difficulty to get pregnant because at least the candidates available to fertilize the ovum.
Sperm motility
To reach and fertilize an ovum, sperm must be moved, stretched and swim through the female reproductive tract. You are likely to be fertile if at least 40 percent of your sperm can move properly.
Sperm shape
Normal sperm has an oval head and a long tail that work together to drive them forward. While not as important as the quantity or motility factor, but more normally shaped sperm you have, the more likely you are to become fertile.
In relation to that, several studies have shown that men who smoke have worse sperm motility and sperm count less than men who did not smoke. Similarly, if the comparison between heavy smokers with light smokers and duration of smoking. Typically, smoking has done more than 5 years old can adversely affect sperm quality.
Of the 103 smokers were used as research subjects, 25 had a low sperm quantity, and 71 had poor sperm motility. By comparing these two parameters, it can be seen that sperm motility are affected more than the quantity of sperm. In addition, another study also mentioned that potentially harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke can cause sperm abnormalities affecting chromosome. Thus, we can conclude that smoking has a negative impact on the quality of male sperm.
Most men with infertility of unknown cause was in fact a smoker. However, because of the smoke of male infertility is reversible. That is, to quit within one year to the next, then the quality of the sperm of a man will be back to normal as usual.
And you need to remember, there is no safe limit for smoking in terms of any kind. The only way to maintain the quality of your sperm is by avoiding tobacco and stop smoking if you are a smoker.


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