In order for Children Not Affected by Stress, Do Things Here It

shutterstock_208681399 copyStress and depression was not only risky attacking adults only. Without realizing it, children and adolescents are also quite susceptible to this psychological problem. In fact, studies say if stress can affect children regardless of age group or even a family's economic level. In the city of Irvine, the state of California, United States, alone, at least 80 percent of all high school students suffer from anxiety level of her weight, even more than half of high school students has been regarded as suffering from severe depression. What caused this to happen?

Health experts said that if the factors of education and social pressure will increase the child's risk of getting stress. In addition, the factors of parents that do not provide psychological support can also affect this. Often parents just think the world of children as a time when they should absorb more knowledge and emphasize academic achievement regardless of the interest or even the desire of the child himself. For example, today many children are spending too much time on the academic field. After school, they are busy with homework and various additional courses which it ultimately made them creative, unskilled, easily tired, and less able to solve the problem. Without realizing it, children should often get time to play and have fun is stuck on the things that make them more stress and depression.

Parents should understand the need and this and not force a child to spend time to learn it. Let the children play or even follow the activities they like as long as it is positive. For example, les sports they are interested. By playing, children actually have a social life that is so much better that they become more psychologically healthy and strong.

Parents also should be able to be a good example for the children in daily life considering the child will indeed tend to be imitators of what her parents did. For example, older people who regularly exercise, rest with sufficient time, eat healthy food, to be good at managing time or money so they can get a moment to relax and have fun will certainly make children become more organized at the same time free of stress. In addition, try to limit the child in play gadgets or watching television can make children addicted and getting stress.


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