Stretching Simple Tips in Office

Stretching Simple Tips in Office

Gerakan peregangan berikut ini dapat meringankan rasa nyeri ataupun pegal saat duduk kelamaan atau perjalanan jauh
Sitting at the computer for hours every day at risk of serious health problems. The risk of lower back pain and arm pain tends to lurk those who sit too long in office.

According to a study, staring at a computer screen for hours making us burn 120 to 140 calories less than the previous generation. Individuals who sit too long at risk of obesity.

One way around that is by doing simple stretching. These stretching exercises will loosen the tension of the body and just needed some time to do so. Simple movements such as sitting and standing can be done for circulation.

As he got or was about to sit down, we tend to use a helping hand to rest on a table or chair. This time try to sit and stand up unaided hands altogether. Although it looks simple, this movement can be a challenge.

In order to not be the center of attention, you can do so while receiving or calling a friend or client. You can listen to more clearly standing exercises and sitting in impressions Be Healthy following:


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