There is a growing assumption closely in communities where the food was tasty and delicious to be enjoyed will tend to be less healthy. Indeed, this assumption is debatable considering there are many healthy foods made from vegetables and fruits are also very delicious to eat. However, we do now have to be more selective in choosing groceries considering there are so many foods that are rich in bad cholesterol levels which can increase the risk of heart disease or stroke. What are some foods that contain high cholesterol levels?

Health expert Dr. Dr. Saptawati Bardosono, MSc, SpGK of FK Universitas Indonesia least make some list of foods rich in cholesterol. The most high-turns are quail eggs is much preferred by the community whether it be a side dish everyday food as well as a snack-shaped skewers. Noted, quail eggs have cholesterol levels of 3,640 mg per 100 grams. After quail eggs, cow's brain also has a very high cholesterol content, ie 2,300 mg for every 100 grams of this foodstuff. Afterwards, a delicious chicken egg yolk that it also has at least 2,000 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams. Scrumptious seafood squid that it also has 1,170 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams.

Some other foods that have high cholesterol but under 1,000 mg per 100 grams is Offal cow with 380 mg, butter or margarine with 300 mg, milk cow with 250 mg, coconut milk is widely used for food bersantan which is about 185 mg, to seafood scallops and shrimp around 160 mg. The surprise is, beef or mutton that we often think of as high cholesterol culprit turned out to have cholesterol levels that are much lower than quail eggs, ie 105 mg and 70 mg


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