4 Ways to Stop Nail Biting Habit

Do you belong to that have a nail biting habit?
Biting nails can be a form of stress a person or indeed a habit that always do when bored, when he was not doing anything, or is a descendant of the custom in her family.
Did you know that the habit of nail biting can provide further health hazard?
Habits Bites Nails Hazardous to Health
bite your nails with a habit of biting his nails sehatOrang will usually do it unconsciously. While on the phone, for example, or when he was worried at the thought of something then that person will begin to bite her nails without thinking of doing so. These habits should be eliminated since it could detract from the beauty of your nails, you can also cause outbreaks by an illness because our hands, including the ends of the nails are a lot of germs.
Moreover, if the habit is to injure the nail or surrounding tissue, open sores that can become a source of infection.
How to Cope Nail Biting Habit
Think about ways to stop biting. When you started or are biting nails, stop it.
Hold your desire to bite nail in any time, so worried or whatever your boring
Use nail polish to beautify your nails so that when you start to bite your nails will automatically stop such activities because of the nail-biting your nail varnish also means you biting your nail polish is as we know the content contained in nail polish is very dangerous when swallowed.
If you frequent nail biting causes due to other disorders such as obsessive compulsive psychiatric disorder then you need the help of a doctor to stop the habit.


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