This He 10 Source Germs in Daily Life

Flavor 'disgusted' is not always an indicator of a negative thing, but the sense of 'disgust' can be a sign of unhygienic. However, if the development of the sanitizer and antibacterial soap is a good thing? Not always, Professor Dr. Pritish Tosh, an infection of the Mayo Clnic, mentioning that it is the exchange of bacteria between humans has been reduced, but hygiene is associated with the onset of allergic diseases and obesity just because we are too clean.
Well, not all of it is a source of bacterial infection. Therefore, there are 10 things that we should own use.
soap Trunk
Although soap is synonymous with cleanliness, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends liquid soap than the soap when used together. Can be caused by soap does not dry instantly between the use that can be a source of bacterial and fungal growth, especially in the bottom of the soap.
Hats, Helmets and Comb
Materials used in head lice can be a source of transmission, but the CDC has recently also mentions a pillow or sheets and chairs can be a source of transmission of lice.
There are two types of sweat, sweat more types can only generate unpleasant odors. The smell of sweat produced from metabolism by the bacteria in the skin. Deodorant, possess antibacterial function and prevent odor before it appears. Anti-perspirant, on the other hand, only discount the effect of reducing perspiration and does not kill the bacteria. Well, if you divide the anti-prespiran, they can lead to the transfer of bacteria and fungus even skin cells and hair.
Guting nails, cuticles
The tools used for pedicure and manicure as Guting nails, cuticles and so proved to be a source of infection. Sources this infection occurs when there is an opening in the skin as there are injuries, which can transfer viruses, bacteria and fungi, and even some diseases such as hepatitis C. It must be ensured that the equipment is sterile and if you can use your own tools.
Make-Up & Make-up
Keep mascara and lipstick for yourself when your friends obviously there is an infection such as red eye and herpes. But no one mentioned that, make-up outline safe because there are some anti-bacterial content.
Shaving can injure the skin to produce blood. This blood can be a source of disease transmission.
Sharing drinks, can be a source of transmission of germs flu, herpes, goiter, meningitis, mono and strep throat.
Tooth brush
A toothbrush is a high source of germ transmission, and is something that most should not be used together.
When you enter earrings then there is an opening in the skin that can be a source of transmission of blood-borne viruses.
Using earphones to listen to songs or watch movies is that often we do not? Well, excessive earphone usage can lead to the accumulation of bacteria in the ear and in the event of the use of shared then just imagine how many germs can be infected.


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