4 Benefits of Kissing

Kissing is a form of sign of affection towards someone. Indeed, sometimes we think kissing was no good effect on the body, even sometimes we think kissing was actually bad because one effect is the transmission occurs several types of germs. (Read: Risk Gratuitous Kiss)
Not just any negative impact, it also has a positive impact kiss that nourish the body. What are the positive impacts? Let's consider the following four benefits.
Kissing Good For Healthy Teeth
Kissing stimulates saliva production may help eradicate the bacteria on the teeth so as to prevent the formation of tartar.
burn Calories
It is not sembanding with the sport but kissing it can also burn calories. Kissing can burn 2 -6 calories per minute. When kissing you also employ facial muscles that can help fight wrinkles.
A feeling of relaxation after kissing is not just your mind. A small study in 2009 showed that men and women hormonn show decreased levels of cortisol (a hormone for relaxation) is high at the time kissing than when they were holding hands.
Eliminating Allergies
A small study conducted in Japan showed that couples who kissed for 30 minutes had IgE antibody levels lower. Where these antibodies that trigger allergic reactions.


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