11 Things Cause Headaches

Many things without realizing they can make you have to chug headache relievers.
Anything? Here are the details.
1. Weight
Research shows that people who are obese (body mass index 30 or greater) risk of 35% greater risk of headaches than those with a lower body mass index.
2. Personality
People with personality rigid, ambitious, serious, and tend to have a habit of obsessive-compulsive disorder (like repeatedly checking whether the car door and the house had been locked properly, repeatedly cleaning the house because they felt less clean, etc.) are more susceptible to headaches. To fix this, try to be more relaxed and do relaxation techniques.
3. Sexual Intercourse
There are some people who experience a headache during intercourse, for example when doing foreplay or having an orgasm. Although not dangerous, but often these headaches disturbing.
4. Sleep Time
Lack of sleep or excess of sleep can trigger headaches. To prevent this, the recommended sleep duration is between 7-8 hours a day.
5. Dehydration
The body is dehydrated can cause headaches. Keep your body is always hydrated by drinking plenty of water, that is 40 ml per kilogram of body weight. For example, a person weighing 50 kg is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
6. Late Lunch
How busy you are, make sure that you are not too late to eat. If it is not possible to "eat big," sempatkanlah yourself to snack crackers or bread, so that you avoid headaches.
7. Eating
There are some foods that should be avoided if you do not want to experience headaches. Among the food is MSG, chocolate, cheese, and processed meats. Conversely, foods rich in magnesium to prevent headaches - such as spinach, tofu, fish oil, olive oil, and sunflower seeds.
8. Caffeine
A little caffeine can help relieve headaches. On the contrary, the amount of caffeine is too much will actually trigger a headache. If your headache comes from caffeine, gradually cut back consumption of these substances until complaints disappear. Do not immediately rush to stop the consumption of coffee, because it was feared instead will aggravate headaches you experience.
9. Alcohol
Too much consumption of alcohol, especially red wine and beer can trigger headaches.
10. Poor Sports
People who are less active were found more susceptible to headaches compared to those who regularly exercise for 30 minutes every day. In addition, the substance endorphins released when exercising can make the feeling more calm and relaxed.
11. Sports Too Hard
This is the opposite of the above statement. However you do not need to feel anxious to exercise. Headache is experienced typically arise if the sport is done in a long time and with a severe intensity. Some sports that can cause headache was lifting weights, rowing, running, tennis, and swimming.
Chances are you have a headache during or after exercise will be greater if they are carried out in the heat or in the highlands, or if you have a history of migraine both to themselves and family.
There are two types of headaches for sports, namely primary and secondary. Primary headaches are harmless, and can be prevented by the consumption of drugs. While secondary headaches are usually caused by serious causes which can be dangerous.
Symptoms experienced are throbbing pain, usually felt on both sides of the head, and last between 5 minutes to 4 days. Meanwhile, the same characteristics of pain secondary to the primary, but coupled with symptoms such as vomiting, loss of consciousness, blurred vision or double, and a stiff neck. Secondary headache is felt much longer, at least one day even be longer.
To prevent the primary headache, you can take medication 1-2 hours before you start exercising. Drugs that you can choose is mefenamic acid, ibuprofen, indomethacin, and methampyron. But if there is a secondary headache symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.


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