Choosing the Right Backpack for Kids

Any parents who already have children of school age would certainly not foreign to purchase various school supplies. Notebooks, stationery, shoes, and no less important that the bag. Bags are objects that are needed in school supplies. With bags, children can store school supplies, also supplies brought from home.
If your first time in choosing all the school supplies of children, in this case the bag, then you should consider a few things before buying the bag. Buy a bag just does his impression is easy and does not need to bother. But actually, there are a few things you should look for the good of your child.
One bought a backpack for a child, then your child's posture may be affected. Back, neck, and shoulder pain could be due to one carry bag. A heavy bag can cause the child's body forward, and this may stretch the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back. Bags that are too low can also cause lower back arching.
Here are tips on choosing a backpack for your child:
type of bag
The first step is to choose the types of bags which will be used by your child. Sling bag, backpack, purse or backpack? As a suggestion, if the load brought your child to school quite a lot, you better choose a backpack-type bag. This is so that the burden on the shoulders of the left and right balanced. If you wear a sling bag then load up the kids just resting on one of their shoulders, and it can cause pain in one shoulder.
material bag
The second step is to do in choosing a backpack for a child is to choose a bag material. Do not pick the material is too thick because it will add to the burden of your child. But do not also choose material that is too thin for thin materials that can not manage the load evenly.
Shoulder strap
In choosing a backpack for a child, you should not miss to watch her shoulder straps. Choose a wide shoulder strap, padded and contoured. The goal is to help distribute the weight on wide area of ​​the shoulder. In addition, an anchor or fastener straps should be one to two inches below the top of the shoulder.
Besides the things above, you also need to select the items to be brought children to school. This is because more and more goods to be carried by the child, the more weight is also the burden on your child's back. American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) states that the weight of a heavy backpack can cause lower back pain in children, and it will last until adulthood.
They also recommend content weight is in the backpack should not exceed 10 percent of your child's weight. Choosing a good backpack can help distribute the weight of a backpack and its contents evenly.
Select is also a backpack with wheels under it, especially if your child is required to carry heavy items - which will add weight to your child's backpack.
However, a backpack with wheels tend to be heavier because it is equipped with a frame that complements it. Trolley wheels are useful only when your child is using the elevator at school. Wearing a wheeled bag via stairs only shorten the life of the bag.
A child who carry heavy bags up the stairs of a trolley that will hurt their spine and shoulders. Some children will be bent to the side to pull trolley or they turn to the side of their body for pulling the trolley. All of this can add to the stress on the body.


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