10 simple things can make a peaceful world. Anything?

  • Each person would crave peace, because through it the happiness in life can be realized. Well, did you know that there is a simple way to create peace, with mutual love.
    Mutual love is the manifestation of God's existence. Love is in every human heart, through which the various problems of life can be overcome. There is no true peace can be achieved if without love. Here are the 10 simple ways on how we can learn to love one another.
  • 1. Listen without interrupting

    Listen carefully to what is submitted by the person in front of us. Do not interrupt because that is the source of many misunderstandings.
  • 2. Speaking without accused

    In deciding between who is right or wrong berpedomanlah on the presumption of innocence. In order for us not to falsely accuse someone before substantiated.
  • 3. Give without distinction

    When we give, let our giving is done with sincerity and without discrimination. Everyone is entitled to receive the same love and happiness regardless of background.
  • 4. Pray for everyone

    Pray sincerely everyone whether you know it or not. By praying for their happiness, we have split the compassion and concern for others.
  • 5. Please answer without arguing

    When facing a problem, try to remain patient without debate. Look for a solution through joint efforts, so that no one party feels aggrieved.
  • 6. Sharing without pretending

    Bring togetherness, help in distress sincerely without pretense in order to obtain sympathy, for surely God is All-Seer, the Knower.
  • 7. Enjoy without complaining

    Live the duties or responsibilities with passion and sincerity.
  • 8. Believing without wavering

    Do not be easily prejudiced against others. Try to think positively so that we become personally welcoming and friendly.
  • 9. Forgive without punishing

    Nobody's perfect. Therefore, if anything makes you upset, be a forgiving person, and do not easily vigilante. Believe that karma will come.
  • 10. Promise not to forget

    The promise is a debt. Therefore, try to always keep the promise we made. Never forget that other people do not feel disadvantaged or let down.
    Apart from the 10 to the above, of course, there are many things we can do to show our love to others. Every human being is a brother, therefore a wide range of disputes should be avoided. Just as we love ourselves, we should be more loving others as an expression of our love for God.


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