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Monday, May 2, 2016

Daily Calcium Needs Free

Have you had enough to meet the needs of calcium in their daily diet? Is not likely, especially if you are a teenage girl or a grown woman. Because the adolescent girls or adult women tend to have higher calcium needs.
How much is actually our body's calcium needs?
The required amount of calcium needed depends on the age. Here are recommendations from the Institute of Medicine:
1-3 years: 700 mg per day
4-8 years: 1,000 mg per day
9-18 years: 1,300 mg per day
19-50 years: 1,000 mg per day
51-70 years: 1,200 mg per day for women; 1,000 mg per day for men
over 71 years: 1,200 mg per day
Peak bone density occurs around the age of 30 years, after which the bones begin to lose density and decreased dramatically in women during menopause. So it is very important for maintaining bone health by consuming calcium accordingly. But be careful, the study also shows postmenopausal women at risk of consuming excessive calcium.
If the calcium needs be lacking in daily food menu, you may need extra calcium intake from supplements. Supplements such as what is needed? Here is a guide.
Choose calcium does not cause allergic reactions in you at a price that suits your ability.
In people who have a history of excessive stomach acid production, calcium supplements are calcium citrate types of options that can be considered. "Calcium carbonate dissolve well in the stomach group of people," said Edward Puzas, MD., An orthopedics professor who served as Director of Orthopedic Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center, New York.
What many food sources of calcium?
Orange juice
and soy milk that has been fortified calcium
green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli.


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