Without a Diet, It's 7 Ways Selena Gomez Get Sexy Body

Without a Diet, It's 7 Ways Selena Gomez Get Sexy Body

Slenea Gomez, (google)Selena Gomez (23) have a body with little fat to accumulate in the thighs and hips. But that was years ago. Now, just before starting the world tour, Selena already toned body and sexy.

Since the beginning of last year, Selena asked for help fitness trainer Amy Rose in physical exercise, eating and lifestyles. The results are satisfactory. Selena physical changes now seems more toned and sexy.
In starting from January last year, Selena began to train his body to exercise three to five days a week. Then, a few months before the concert world 'Revival' he exercise seven days a week for about two hours per day.
Here's the secret Amy Rose in making the body of former boyfriend Justin Bieber is more toned and sexy that you might imitate. Learn following launch Cosmopolitan page (05/20/2016).

1. Do not ask weighed
"I never asked him to weigh the body. I do not believe in scales," said Amy. According to this woman when someone is eating healthy foods and exercise will make the body healthy.
2. No diet
No need to limit the food, everything can be eaten, but only in small portions. "I want my life like the French, who could eat anything but a moderate amount or a little. Life is too short for," said Amy.

3. Avoid fast food
Avoid fast food into healthy foods like carrots. Selena food change significantly help shape the body.
4. Sports not monotonous
In addition to cardio exercise, Selena also exercise Pilates, and yoga. In addition, he also often walk or dance with the crew.
"I believe to make the active muscles by combining a lot of things. We bergonta exercise every day," said Amy.
5. Streching
Amy stressed the importance of having the body flexible, which makes the body more flexible Selena.

6. Drink plenty of water
Selena will drink without waiting for thirst. So certainly near Selena always there drinking water.

7. The body and soul healthy
Not only the body that is processed by Amy, she also wants Selena soul healthy. Thus, in many occasions, he would ask Selena to see nature around and away from cell phones or other electronic equipment.
"Health, fitness, food - all of it is very important. What we put in our mouths and our soul affects everything," added Amy.


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