Beware, Dental Pain can be Associated with Oral Cancer and Other Dangerous Diseases

14848998042_2dd17efb3c_oToothache is a problem that is not desired by anyone. The pain which may radiate up to the crown of the head can make a person ubuh difficult to obtain a concentration at work and could no longer enjoy the food. Did you know, in addition to the discomfort of the teeth and mouth, toothache also should watch out because if left unchallenged, it could be this pain continues to be a problem of oral cancer. How could this happen? Dental experts, drg John Hendri SpBm Mkes of the Royal Dental Hospital found no strong link between oral cancer and dental pain. This means that we must begin to change our mindset that considers toothache is just about the plaque, tartar, cavities or problems alone. Indeed, at first toothache is felt is in the form of tooth decay problems. However, if the tooth decay is caused by the degradation of the tooth enamel is made by a bacterium called "mutans streptococci", bacteria that effectively transform leftovers into an acid that eats away at the tooth, then toothache could turn into a problem of oral cancer and the various other problems. In addition to oral cancer, cavities problems that go unpunished is also suspected to be the main trigger respiratory disorders, brain, to increase the risk of stroke by more than 50 percent for those aged 25 to 54 years. In addition, if the tooth pain suffered by diabetics, it's likely he will get gum disease also considerably increased to three fold Kalil. The fear is, if gum disease which is the soft tissue of the mouth is also allowed, it can progress into tumors and in the end came the oral cancer. Before you can get a variety of health problems that are harmful, we certainly should regularly clean the teeth every day and diligently carry out checks to the dentist at least six months. This routine checks will effectively reduce the risk of broken teeth problems that can impact on several other dangerous diseases.


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