10 Symptoms of Anemia Due to menstruation Many

All women, without exception, must get your period only the nature of the menstrual cycle on each woman is not always the same. The differences arise because of the variations in the duration of menstruation, the amount of menstrual bleeding, and the arrival of each menstrual interval. These differences may be a variation of normal, or it can be a nuisance.
The existing problems could lead to further health problems of the body, such as anemia, a condition in which a state of lack of blood that carries oxygen throughout the body, where there are blood components that do not have enough hemoglobin levels. Ultimately resulting in body fatigue, dizziness, and vision fireflies.
Anemia associated menstruation is usually caused by the menstrual cycle has increased the number of menstrual blood coming out. Furthermore, exacerbated when the body undergoes nutritional deficiencies of iron and folic acid to failing to balance the need for red blood cell count is out due to menstruation.
If it were anemia, the consequences could be serious. In some studies have reported anemia at a young age increases the risk of getting Alzheimer or dementia (Read: Anemia Young, Old Dementia).
Therefore, beware if you start often experienced 10 of the following symptoms:
Lethargic and limp
get tired
Heart palpitations for no apparent reason, or at the time of exercise
Panting breath, especially during exercise
difficulty concentrating
Numbness or coldness in the hands and feet
Hard to sleep
Things you can do if you have symptoms of anemia above is to begin to balance the intake of which have iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. Where these foods you can get from some foods, such as nuts, green vegetables, red meat, and milk. (Read: 4 Tips Diet Preventing Anemia)
Another solution, you can also take supplements Sakatonik Liver blood booster. Liver Sakatonik in one capsule contained all sorts of vitamins and minerals needed in the formation of red blood cells, such as iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid. Liver Sakatonik also safe for consumption in the long term because it is made from natural ingredients.
In addition to capsule, Sakatonik Liver is also available in the form of a syrup which is rich in vitamin C to maximize absorption of iron and folic acid in the body.


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