Things That Can Make You Smart

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    Having a sharp mind is the desire of all people. Not infrequently a lot of people do a lot of things in order to improve the intelligence. Starting from a simple manner until there were spent quite a lot. Actually the term smart people and dumb people did not exist, which is the lazy and the industrious. A person is said to be clever is the one who managed to overcome his easy to learn and willing to change into a better person again. Versatility is obtained not by instant but through various processes as well. Here are the things that can make you smarter.
  • 1. Make it a habit to read

    Reading is one way that we can do to gain knowledge and information. By reading we would often train our brain to work in understanding the content of reading we read. The more you read the more insights and new knowledge you have acquired.
  • 2. When watching TV select the events that educate

    Television is a medium of information that we often encounter every day. Watching television has become a lifestyle most people both in cities and villages. But it is unfortunate television shows have now been dominated by events that are less educated. So we have to be smart to choose a good television show for us. Choose an educational television show that you can increase knowledge anyway. Although dominated by short-changing event, but still there is a television station that broadcast the event was good and educational for us to watch.
  • 3. Play games and sports that sharpen the brain

    If you love to play games, try to choose a game that can stimulate your brain to work. Now many manufacturers of games make games that sharpen the brain. As well as exercise, such as chess, archery, and shooting requires us to focus and concentrate. An athlete is usually able to think and make decisions quickly so this activity is suitable to improve the ability of our brain.
  • 4. Fight the fear and get out of your comfort zone

    Too long in the comfort zone makes you personally do not develop and the ability you have is limited. As much as possible every day self motivation to be able to do things you've never done before. Opponents fear you, not for too long to think. Too old to think the fear will only make you bigger and at the end you fail to do so.
  • 5. Learn about art and music

    It never hurts to learn about music and learning to play a musical instrument. Many studies that prove that learning music can increase a person's level of intelligence. Music is used to balance the ability of our brain. Therefore, now many schools that incorporate music material in the learning process.
  • 6. Hang out with people who are good

    Interact with smart people to remember is to have the nature to listen and willing to learn from them. By interacting with them we will know how to view and patterns of thought. It can motivate us to grow better able to be interlocutors are balanced for them.
  • 7. Giving an opinion on the latest news

    Give opinions can stimulate our brain to think critically in response to a message. By giving our opinions could also increase the ability of the brain and train our brain to keep it active continue although age is no longer young.
  • 8. Brain's

    Not only that we need to rest your body but also we need to rest your brain. Use the time off as well as possible without thinking of things make us uneasy alias agitated. An effective way to rest our brain is to sleep, resting the brain can also restore the ability of the brain as it was originally, so ready to be used again to think again.
  • 9. Apply the knowledge you have learned

    By practicing the science we've gained, can make a science of it is attached and will not disappear from our minds even though we still need to learn more, this method is quite effective to continue to develop the abilities of your brain.
  • 10. Eat plenty of healthy food

    Nutritional intake also has the effect to increase our intelligence. Expand to eat foods that can nourish our brain such as fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, and so forth. These foods contain a lot of chemicals that are needed to grow our brains.


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