Powerful Tricks Preventing emergence of Blackheads

Blackheads occur because of blockage at the outlet of the oil glands. This blockage can be caused by a buildup of dirt, dust, makeup, or dead skin on the surface of the skin.
Hormonal factors also play a role by causing the oil glands to produce excess sebum. The combination of excess sebum with piles of dirt, dust, makeup, and dead skin that will cause blockage.
There are two types of blackheads are common, namely white comedones and blackheads black.
Black blackheads more readily identified because the color black is quite a contrast with the surrounding skin. It often appears around the nose, chin and sometimes on the back. Meanwhile, the white blackheads usually cause a bulge in the skin and make the skin becomes rough. White blackheads generally a lot in the area of ​​the forehead and cheeks.
Well, once you know the causes and types of blackheads, the next step is to find ways to prevent or reduce blackheads. Some steps that may help include:
Select the appropriate skin care products
Adjust care products your skin condition, if required can berkonsutasi doctor. Do not forget to be careful in using a cream intended to remove blackheads. Avoid using too excessive, because usually these products are easy to cause irritation and skin damage.
Clean your face regularly
Cleaning the face is done to remove excess oil and dirt that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Get used to clean the skin as needed. A facial cleanser containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, benzoic acid or peroxide can be used to reduce blackheads, because working with slough off dead skin and blockages in the pores and reduce sebum and bacteria on the skin. Do not wash your face too often because it can cause skin irritation, too dry, and aggravate blackheads or pimples.
Exfoliate skin
As was mentioned earlier, a pile of dead skin can cause blackheads. Exfoliation of dead skin on a regular basis can prevent this. Choose a convenient mechanism for skin exfoliation. Do not use exfoliating too rough, because it can cause skin irritation and even aggravate blackheads. Smooth cleaning cloth that can abrade the skin smooth and safe. Keep in mind that this only works in exfoliating the surface and do not work deep enough to be able to eliminate all of blackheads.
Wear makeup immediately after washing the face
This is because immediately after cleaning the face, usually pores matters are not so open. Can also be performed using cold compresses or ice prior to use makeup, so that the smaller pore holes over again. This will reduce the risk of product stacks or oil that can clog pores. And do not forget to always clean the makeup of the face as soon as possible.
Pay attention to diet
Kurangin consumption of dairy products and meat. These products contain substances that can interfere with the hormone the body's natural hormonal balance. Thereby reducing the consumption of these products can help reduce blackheads.
Also, avoid foods with high levels of fat and sugar because it can cause skin changes more slowly so that blackheads appear.
Caffeine in coffee and carbonated beverages can create blackheads multiply. So, consider the amount of caffeine you consume daily, so that blackheads are not increase.
The addition of a multivitamin and mineral supplement is also necessary. Multivitamins can act as nutrients and antioxidants for the skin so the skin becomes healthier. Supplementation of zinc (zinc) alone can help reduce the formation of free radicals, thereby reducing the number of comedones.
Maintain skin hydration
Skin that is too dry apart from causing irritation can also aggravate blackheads / acne, thereby adjusting the frequency of washing your face with the skin condition. In addition, drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables will also help keep the hydration of the skin.
Choose clothing with a lightweight material
Sweating or overheating could exacerbate comedones, so try to use comfortable clothing and according to the ambient temperature.
Use oil absorbent tissue
Oil absorbent tissue can be easily obtained at a nearby retail store. When the skin is very oily, absorbs excess oil with a tissue can reduce the risk of the appearance of blackheads. Not only absorb sweat, this tissue also can reduce the gloss on the face.
Make it a habit to clean the mobile phone
The use of mobile phone has become part of everyday activities. Without us knowing, mobile phones we use every day can cause blackheads as well. Oil from the face and the hair can accumulate on the surface of a cell phone and are deposited back onto the surface of the face.
If the problem is very annoying blackheads, you should immediately visit a doctor so that your skin becomes healthier maintained.


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