The characteristics of the man who just toying with her feelings

  • For single women, be selective in choosing a partner. Do not easily believe in adam. Moreover, when they begin to look attentive and flashed a sweet words at you. Not necessarily because they are serious and fall in love with you. Bottom line, you need to always be careful, because it is not forever, adam who are close to you is your soul mate.
    At issue this time, why many women are hurt more often than men? The reason is because, in general, most women like digombal, pampered and cared for, so that, often times if there was a man who treated her like that, she would be crushed, flattered and thought the man loves her, but not necessarily so. In contrast to the men, if you are a woman who mengombalnya or her attention, in general the people here will take for granted if they are not bound in a relationship of any kind.
    Now, though as a woman, you are more likely to use feeling than logic in response to your feelings, you still need to always be cautious in deciding whether the man you love about it is the right person to you or on the contrary, he was just a bad boy, the only want to have fun playing with you and your feelings. Therefore, before you go into the crocodile pit, beware of a man who is able to crush the hearts of women, noting the following characteristics.
  • Never ask your news

    If he's a man who really likes you, surely he will be curious about you and want to know everything you do, sehinngga surely he would often say hello to you. But if otherwise, then he is a serious man who does not like you. Every time you two met, he will also talk about himself busy without giving you a chance to tell about yourself. The characteristics of a man like this, we recommend that you should avoid before you seriously and be hurt later.
  • Come and go as you please

    For men who have these traits, usually a busy man who just wants to have fun and not serious moment to commit. If there is a man, whose only contact you and invite you on a date as he likes in his busy, while at the moment she is busy, she did not care and did not even give the news, returned a call or message, you should forget about the man. Because men are just using you for entertainment in between lenggangnya.
  • Give false hope just friends but tenderly

    Do not easily yield to the characteristics of this one man. Loh impact can be painful for your feelings. If the man began affectionate, romantic, very pamper you, let alone dare to hold your hand or hug you, but you both do not have a clear status, you should not let that happen. Do not be easily kemakan ruse just to satisfy lust instantaneous. Banya women, especially young girls who just fallen in love very easily deceived by the characteristics of this one man. Do not let your yes be the next victim.
  • Do not want to discuss the future

    You try to lure him to talk about the future. If he went looking for a reason, menyelah, or change their direct talks, this is a trait that he is not serious with you and do not expect a future with you. If he is the right guy for you, he will certainly open and slowly want to discuss his future with you.
    If some of the above characteristics, there are men who are close to you at this time, immediately act and leave it so that you do not regret later. Do not be afraid for himself, because he is worth it for your loved one will surely come at the right time in your life. You just need to be selective in preparing for your true partner it.


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