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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


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Everyone, both men and women, would expect a clean face, healthy, fresh and radiant all day. With a healthy and fresh faces, we certainly will get the confidence that much better. To be sure, we must be very clever to treat the face by cleaning it regularly. However, there is still no proper benchmark of how often we can clean the face every day. In fact, if we wash the face terlau frequently with soap, facial skin feared it would be more dull and dry.

Many people who do wash the skin with soap at least twice when they bathe and once before bed. However, health experts said if everyone has skin type is different and thus require different types of treatment also vary. For example, those who have a face that is very oily, so it is better to wash your face with soap at least three to four times a day. Meanwhile, if the oil content in the skin tends to mediocre, then three times washing with soap has been considered sufficient to keep the face. If we have skin that tends to dry, then we can reduce the frequency of cleaning up the face twice, and if necessary, we can use a moisturizer that can make your skin clean and fresh.

Facial skin is often exposed to chemicals soap feared could be damaged and cause skin problems like acne or rash redness. Seeing this, health experts also advised us to wash your face only as necessary and important to make sure if waking and before bed facial skin we are in a clean condition. However, if you do have a special treatment, like when you're dealing with pimples, then cleaning much more often will be allowed, provided that in accordance with the doctor's advice.

In addition to cleaning with soap, health experts also advise us to increase the intake of nutritious foods for the skin and also enough water so that the skin was ternutrisi well and will be more healthy, fresh, and clean

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