Identify Cause Dry Mouth

In the mouth, there is saliva or in medical terms is known as saliva. Saliva has several functions essential for healthy teeth and oral cavity, including:
Helping the process of mastication and digestion
Maintain the cleanliness and moisture of the oral cavity
Helps prevent cavities and prevent tooth demineralization
Maintaining the health of the oral mucosa
Maintaining balance pH (acid-base)
Disturbances in the production of saliva in the mouth will lead to the following matters:
Dry mouth and thirst that causes discomfort in the oral cavity
dry throat
Sensation of burning, especially on the tongue
The difficulty to sense food and chew
Difficulty speaking and swallowing
Dry mouth due to impaired production of saliva called xerostomia. According to the American Dental Association, the cause of the xerostomia is:
The side effects of some types of drugs, such as antihistamines and antidiureutic
From mouth breathing habits and smoking.
The side effects of some action or medical treatments, such as radiotherapy at the neck and head.
The side effects of systemic diseases and infectious diseases, such as HIV, diabetes, and others
Psychological factors. Stress and anxiety can affect the nerves that affect xerostomia
Given the function of saliva is vital, then the condition xerostomia This will of course affect the oral cavity and teeth. Some of the consequences of xerostomia will impact on the following matters:
The accumulation of dental plaque
Risk of cavities
Increase the risk of sensitive teeth
Dry lips and sores on the lip corners (angular cheilitis)
The risk of tooth decay due to the erosion process
Bad breath
Impeding the use of denture
Fungal infections.
Some ways to overcome dry mouth:
Multiply drinking water.
Consuming sugar-free candy and acid to stimulate the production of saliva glands.
Breathe through your nose and not through the mouth.
If there is, use a humidifier (atomizer vapor) in the room of the house.
Avoid caffeinated beverages, cigarettes, and alcohol.
Dental hygiene and oral cavity by brushing using toothpaste that contains fluoride, Microgranules were able to clean up into the gaps between the teeth, and Zinc Citrate which provides up to 24 hours of protection against plaque.


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