Squeezing Breast Really Can Relieve Breast Cancer Risk?

Breast cancer is still a scary monster for women. Among the many treatments that are present to prevent it, a study at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reveals that squeezing or massaging the breast to prevent cancer.
Why is this so?
Gautham Venugopalan, one of the scientists involved in the study, said, "The pressure can affect the physical body. When we lift weights, your muscles become bigger. The force of gravity is very important to keep our bones strong. Here we show that the physical stress can play a role in cancer cell growth. "
In that study, the scientists also incorporate malignant breast cancer cells on silicon. They then try pressing and squeezing the silicon containing malignant cancer cells. After a while, the cancer cells get physical pressure began to grow normally and are not malignant.
They also explained that the activities of squeezing and massaging the breasts may not be developed into a form of therapy. However, the present invention provides new clues to track the molecular and cell structures that can be used as a therapeutic target.


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