How Much Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

How Much Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

Simak manfaat-manfaat mengkonsumsi air putih hangatSome of you may already know, drinking water can help you lose weight. But is it just a drink alone could help with your weight?

According to WebMD Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Michael Smith, in fact, drinking water can actually realize your dream for the ideal stature.

"Drink one percent more water, will prevent you consume a lot of calories. And again, you will also benefit from drinking can reduce saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol," he said, as quoted by WebMD, Tuesday (05/10/2016 ).

According to Smith, one cup is more than recommended will save 68 calories. And drank three cups of extras, will cut the intake of 205 kalori- number of calories you put out after walking two and a half miles.

Nevertheless, he said, does not mean you can eat more because drinking water can also make full. A study published in the journal Obesity has also been found that drinking two glasses of water or a medium-size equivalent to 500 ml approximately 30-60 minutes before meals to lose weight.


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