Rubbing eyes with hands, Is it safe?

Activity rubbed his eyes with his hands in general is often done by anyone. Actually, Secure brushing eyes with his hands?
You need to know, the hand is the body part that is very effective as a media transfer germs. The number of germs contained in the surface of the hand can be the source of health problems, ranging from gastrointestinal problems, respiratory tract and eyes.
There are more than 1500 bacteria live on each 1 cm2 area of ​​skin on the hands. Can you imagine how the number of bacteria present on the hands of a child which covers 25-60 cm2? Then, what about the number of bacteria present on the hands of an adult-sized 300-450 cm2? Would be very much.
Hands of a child can have 37500-90000 bacteria, whereas in adult hands can have 450000-675000 bacteria. Truly extraordinary amount of money, is not it? So, can you imagine the impact if hands are full of bacteria rubbed his eyes without washing his hands before.
In the hands of the hands of children or adults, not only bacteria, but also viruses and fungi that can be a source of infection if the hand is used to rub the eye.
Have you ever thought about why the eye or pink eye infection spreads very easily? Not washing hands is the main answer. When people suffer from sore eyes and the person touches his eyes, but do not wash their hands before and after, the virus that causes infection of the eye can be easily transmitted to others through direct contact or through objects touched by those who are experiencing eye infections ,
Therefore, a person whose eyes are still healthy but rarely wash their hands and the person is already in direct contact with patients with eye infections, the infections of the eyes will move easily.
In conclusion, rubbing eyes with his hands before washing hands is an activity that seem trivial and insignificant but can be very dangerous. In addition, rubbing eyes with his hands also can injure the lining of the eye so germs can enter through a layer of the injured eye.
Therefore, wash your hands with soap and water flowing health is an act that is very important to always keep in mind and do, both for children and for adults, before touching or rubbing the eyes.


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